38 - Side Hustling on the Farm (with Lindsay Rausch)

If you haven’t considered starting your own side hustle... 

Your wheels will certainly start turning when you listen to my coaching conversation with engineer, small-scale farmer and horse enthusiast, Lindsay Rausch!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay through my contribution to Glenn The Geek Hebert’s Horse Radio Network, where every month I do a short segment on productivity for the horse world, and Lindsay reached out not too long ago after listening to me on Glenn’s show.  

Lindsay is an Idaho native, transplanted to the mid-west after college and marrying her wonderful husband Christopher.  She graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. Since graduation, she’s had what she calls a rather eclectic selection of careers in engineering, project planning and administration (just to name a few).

We already talked about her love for horses but when she’s not spending time with her husband or her horse, she’s been undertaking a huge remodeling project of her 100+ year old home, which she blogs about from time-to-time. 

I’ve been impressed by how much Lindsay and I have in common..

We’re both engineers, we both worked in Project Management and she, like me not too long ago, has a strong desire to start her own business!

Lindsay’s has a really interesting and super-niche business idea in the area of small-scale-farming

During our coaching conversation we outlined a plan for her to take action on her own small-scale farming side hustle and I know you’ll glean a ton of value from our discussion.

I’m so incredibly pleased to present to you my coaching conversation with small-scale-farming-side-hustler, Lindsay Rausch!







  • Conversation Starts [2:48]
  • Who are the people that could Lindsay help in the small-scale farming industry [4:09]
  • What kind of person would want to start a small-scale farm? [5:32]
  • Raising backyard chickens [7:20]
  • Do you have another vision of who your market would be? [9:12]
  • Have you done research on groups that you could embed yourself w/ regard to small-scale farming? [11:22]
  • The close connection between the horse world and small-scale farming [13:00]
  • Making a podcast that resonates with people [14:51]
  • HRN Auditors Group and Lindsay's community [16:33]
  • Start by asking good questions [18:20]
  • Testing market by reaching Millennials target market [20:00]
  • Someone with experience vs an expert [21:50]
  • Lindsay's desired outcomes and goals [24:36]
  • What would you need to do to get millennials buy a product from you [26:39]
  • Finding value on products/services you can offer [29:00]
  • Uncertainties [31:35]
  • Content that echoes in a certain community [33:35]
  • The PDF on 31st of May [34:15]
  • Putting that PDF in the right people [37:00]
  • Would you consider setting up a booth? [39:30]
  • Figuring out a temporary station [41:00]
  • Setting up a target location and event [41:50]
  • Where to find Lindsay [44:50]