42 - Dream Diggin’ & Side Hustling (with Lynette Johnson)

Side hustling is a lot easier of a hustle if you have community to back you up!

Ms. Lynette Johnson of YoungDreamDiggers.com, a true side hustler has a passion for creating a community for young professionals to get together and make their dreams a reality.

"I hope to encourage young people not to settle for mediocrity"   - Lynette Johnson

"I hope to encourage young people not to settle for mediocrity" - Lynette Johnson

Lynette is a former TV news producer who spent nearly six years in broadcast television working for CNN in NYC as well as both CBS and ABC station affiliates.  She thinks of Young Dream Diggers not only as a community, but a MOVEMENT for young professionals.

Lynette’s passion for story telling and empowering youth not to settle for mediocrity, washer driving force for creating Young Dream Diggers in back in 2013. The movement began as an online platform that provides professional development content and highlights the journeys of young professionals around the world who are striving to turn their career dreams into reality.

The movement has since expanded and now Lynette manages a small group of contributing editors, she’s all over the Internet these days, hosting a weekly LIVE twitter chat called #DreamDiggersChat, and a networking brunch series for young professionals.

Oh by the way, this isn’t her only side hustle...Lynette’s also a graphic artist!

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  • Show starts [2:24]
  • How did you come up with Young Dream Diggers? [3:01]
  • Finding meaning, a sense of purpose [5:38]
  • What's your most successful strategy for creating time for a side hustle? [7:00]
  • How Lynette met her team [9:18]
  • What does a plan look like to Lynette? [10:12]
  • What can listeners do to maintain focus doing their side hustles? [13:01]
  • How Lynette spends her day [14:50]
  • On theming [16:55]
  • Lynette explains why she is plan-oriented [21:03]
  • What type of side hustle should be kept on the side? [22:46]
  • Success stories [24:33]
  • How and when did Lynette start her side hustle? [26:17]
  • Typical personalities of young dream diggers [27:15]
  • The life plan [29:54]
  • Lynette's "obsession" with MJ (Michael Jordan) [32:54]
  • How does your faith drive your goals? [35:08]
  • Lynette's struggle [36:09]
  • Where to find Lynette online [36:51]