43 - Straight Talk with The Hustle Panel (feat. Jay Wong & Clem Harrod)

Side Hustling can be confusing, overwhelming and even scary.

Let “The Hustle Panel” answer your questions and you gave us some great ones!  Our “Hustle Panel,” had the privilege of answering your toughest questions about making time for your side hustle without driving yourself crazy. 

"Being a changemaker means that you are choosing legacy over currency"      - Jay Wong

"Being a changemaker means that you are choosing legacy over currency"    - Jay Wong

Today’s panel is very special to me because not only is Dr. Clem “Let it Flow” Harrod back in the house, but we brought on my good friend, the InnerChangeMaker, Motivational Speaker, podcaster extraordinaire, vagabonder, host of JayWongTV, very mindful, high-achieving full-time hustler who knows a thing or two about side-hustling, Toronto’s own, Mr. Jay Wong...

Jay’s podcast, The Inner Changemaker debuted as the #1 Self-Help podcast in iTunes for 2015.  Jay speaks all over the world, and he believes in taking MASSIVE action on your business and personal goals.

"If all we are doing is spending money, then we might be avoiding something scary" - Nick Snapp

"If you have an idea dont be afraid of it, just be open and willing to share"   - Clem Harrod

"If you have an idea dont be afraid of it, just be open and willing to share" - Clem Harrod

It’s really interesting to hear his perspective on side hustling and the dynamics between the trio.

I know you’ll enjoy our Q&A panel...it’s time to get hustling on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show

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  • Start the panel [3:45]
  • How do you create time work on your side hustle [6:08]
  • "When you already have a full time gig, what should you do to prepare yourself if you wanna start another side hustle?" (question from Marlo ) [6:41]
  • Learning to say no to all the garbage in your life [8:25]
  • Do you have customers? [10:32]
  • "What percentage of your budget should be allocated to your side hustle in order to begin it your main hustle?" (question from Sarah) [12:40]
  • Focusing on creating the MVP [14:32]
  • Avoiding the scary stuff [15:15]
  • The 10x multiplier [17:20]
  • What's the best way to reach more customers? [18:25]
  • The pushy guy [20:15]
  • Forgetting the "labels" and thinking as a human being [22:37]
  • Creating, curating, gathering, listening, understanding and connect [25:06]
  • "How do I know how to balance my work, family and business and still have time for me?" (Question from Natasha)? [27:46]
  • Getting your family supporting and behind you [30:00]
  • Being "All-In" [33:00]
  • "Other than by monetary gains how do you differentiate a side hustle from a hobby?" (Question from Roy) [34:11]
  • "How do I combine my studies as a student with my freelancing work, until I achieve a maximum output and still achieve something huge for myself without affecting my studies?" (Question from Hyginus) [36:00]
  • Something's gotta give [38:30]
  • "How to better make implementing my plans part of my routines?" (Question from Melissa) [40:06]
  • The "post-it note" and creating momentum [42:30]
  • Where to find Jay [45:50]