45 - What it Means to "Hack Corporate" (with Nick & Nazach)

“Hacking Corporate” is not a bad thing...it’s not unethical, and it’s not about you.

That’s Lesson #1 in “Corporate Hacking 101.” 

The concept of “Hacking Corporate” encompasses pretty much my entire platform and I’m excited to share my insight with you.

Great Corporate Hackers first look out for their Company, THEN themselves, not the other way around.  If Corporate Hackers can’t find a synthesis between their goals and those of the company, guess what?  It’s not a good fit. 

No one should be stuck in a job where there’s no opportunity for freedom.  It takes skill, but it can be done in even the harshest of old-school Corporate environments.

"I don't hack because I'm not happy. I hack because I find it enjoyable to figure out how to do something in a lot less time" - Nazach Snapp

Remember, you ALWAYS have a choice.

That’s exactly what my beautiful wife, Nazach and I explore in this episode of The Make itSnappy Productivity Show - how to effectively “hack corporate.” 


Snapp Forward   Group Coaching Program

Snapp Forward Group Coaching Program




  • Show Starts [1:35]
  • What does hacking corporate mean to Nazach? [4:00]
  • Hacking corporate for Nick and "why?" [5:48]
  • Reasons why you wanna get out [8:00]
  • Being "unethical" [10:12]
  • Benefits of hacking [12:35]
  • Planting seeds and setting boundaries [13:09]
  • Adding the greatest value in the company "secret sauce" [16:05]
  • The cubicle and open office issues [18:20]
  • Giving subordinates the "why?" [20:31]
  • Figuring out ways to delegate and executing it appropriately [23:40]
  • Laziness in meetings [26:04]
  • Asking for forgiveness and not for permission [27:35]
  • Nick's experience of going to work late [30:10]
  • The bravery of cutting off a person [34:40]
  • Being transparent with your peers and co-workers [36:40]
  • Leading by example through email [39:30]
  • Communicate communicate [41:16]
  • Quick story about a week work at home [43:34]
  • "Hacker panel" at the end of the month [46:00]
  • What is Nazach's reason for hacking? [49:00]
  • Why people don't hack? [50:51]
  • Getting yourself a special project and kill it! [53:48]