46 - How to Work Less in Your Corporate Gig (with Andy Kushner)

If you’re curious about hacking through the corporate noise...

Andy Kushner is a Corporate Hacking extraordinaire who’ll teach you a thing or two about his process for cutting through the corporate environment.  I found the two of us very much aligned with our philosophies on working to live, not living to work, and ensuring that everything we do is rooted in purpose. 

Andy was a sales rep for IBM for eight years and then an account manger for Lexmark for another eight years before making his full time transition to running his own successful business in the music industry.

At Andy Kushner Entertainment Design, Andy custom-designs and produces music and entertainment for events worldwide...from weddings to corporate parties (where all the hackers get to live it up), to gala fundraisers and wild and elaborate casino New Year's events. 

He would have been a great guest for our series last month when we were exploring the art of the side hustle, because Andy carefully built his business on the side, until he was able to make it a full-time career.

In order to maintain a healthy balance between his day job, building a business, being a good friend, husband and eventually father, he needed to figure out how to work with extreme efficiency and productivity. 

"I am not anything special, I think it's attitude and perspective"   - Andy Kushner

"I am not anything special, I think it's attitude and perspective" - Andy Kushner

Andy "hacked" corporate culture and ended his career being awarded National Account Rep of the Year, while working an average of three and a half days a week and THEN...he gave his notice.

If you work in a large office right now and want your time back hacking Corporate may be for you, so without further ado, I present to you my conversation with music producer, business owner and Corporate Hacker, Mr. Andy Kushner...


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Snapp Forward Group Coaching Program








  • Welcome Andy! [3:00]
  • How does Andy define hacking corporate? [4:24]
  • What motivated Andy to hack corporate? [6:27]
  • On developing Andy's music business [8:30]
  • Andy as a sales representative for Lexmar [10:40]
  • Frustrations [12:14]
  • Hacking corporate with the Four-Hour workweek [15:05]
  • Working hard and being extremely goal-oriented as a benefit to the company [17:05]
  • Becoming the top sales rep through extreme efficiency [20:00]
  • Andy's decision to leave [21:26]
  • Believing that there is another way [23:00]
  • Andy's first step [27:00]
  • How much time do you spend planning your day? [29:17]
  • Writing out priorities (important takeaways) [31:45]
  • The importance of breaks and vacations [33:40]
  • A short story [36:06]
  • Why Andy recommends asking for help [38:50]
  • What does Andy do now exactly? [41:30]