48 - Conquering Corporate Time Demands (with Francis Wade)

Time management is hard, especially in a busy corporate environment.  

Our guest this week, Francis Wade has made it his personal mission to make time management improvements easy for people everywhere, forever!

Francis believes it takes a lot of hard work to make things “easy.” We dig into some practical ways for managing time demands in Corporate America as an employee, and also as an entrepreneur.

Francis Wade is the founder of 2TimeLabs.com and has written several books on time management using a data-driven, proven approach for success.

2Time Labs mission and goals is to make time management improvements easy for people everywhere, forever.

The content of 2Time Labs is mostly produced by Francis  in collaboration with a number of colleagues around the world. He is Jamaican-American who has lived in both the US and the Caribbean for 20+ years apiece, and the President of Framework Consulting

I’m sure you’ll hear it in our conversation, but I had an absolute phenomenal time conversing with Francis as he joined me over Skype as he was living it up in the Caribbean, optimizing his time management and pumping out and continuous stream of valuable content over social media.

I had such a good time talking with Francis I didn’t want to get off the phone, I really didn’t. I’m sure you’re experience will be just as pleasurable as mine was during our conversation.


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  • Interview begins [2:30]
  • Human beings don't know much about being productive [5:11]
  • Time demands (then and now) [8:07]
  • How would you define time based productivity? [9:40]
  • "Discreet number" [10:30]
  • What's the purpose of productivity? [14:05]
  • Fulfilling commitments [15:15]
  • How do you respond to an increasing time demands? [18:30]
  • Behaviors, habits and practices that make difference [19:30]
  • What do you think is the first step to help people leave work on time? [20:35]
  • The creation of a time demand is always up to you [22:00]
  • What do you think the drivers are for overworked, unhappy employees? [24:38]
  • Viewing your "plate" as ever-expanding [26:18 ]
  • Francis' story about his work at AT&T [28:20]
  • How Francis became productive in the US [30:50]
  • The "Fixed Behavior Patterns" [33:00] 
  • Fluidity of situation and time demand volumes [35:10]
  • The challenge of a "Fixed habits and rituals" [37:37]
  • The "transition" from college to work and going back to memory [40:05]
  • The one to-do list [42:30]
  • Failures in scheduling [46:10]
  • How to find Francis online [48:40]
  • Final words of wisdom from Francis [49:40]