49 - Making Corporate Life Work for You (with Laura McClellan)

A living example of how to lead an exceptional life in corporate and at home...

Today I am honored to have had the privilege to talk to fellow podcaster and friend, Laura McClellan of the Productive Woman podcast on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show!

Laura McClellan is a lawyer, a writer, a productivity enthusiast, a self-proclaimed tech geek, who’s also the host of an award-nominated podcast about productivity for busy women, The Productive Woman podcast.

37 years ago Laura married her high school sweetheart, with whom she's raised five amazing kids.  Her experience as both a lawyer, and mother served as her catalyst for one of her greatest passions: encouraging women in their individual journeys as people, wives, mothers, citizens.  In addition to her podcast, Laura blogs occasionally at I Was Just Thinking  and her Real Estate Law Blog. 

Laura has been on my Blab broadcast several times before and it’s always an absolutepleasure every time I have the privilege to interact with her online and in person.  

I love this interview because Laura’s been in Corporate her entire career, working for a huge law firm.  She's living the corporate life Snappy Nation! 

There’s a way to rise above Corporate cultures and lead by positive example.  Laura is a living positive example of how to hack corporate the RIGHT way.

I’d also like to acknowledge Laura for achieving her 100th episode of The Productive Woman, a huge milestone in the world of podcasting. 

Congratulations Laura, I am so honored to be a small part of your podcasting world!







  • Welcome Laura! [3:10]
  • Purpose & The Productive Woman [4:50]
  • How Laura started podcasting [5:40]
  • Is there a specific moment you decided that it was time to get productive? [7:14]
  • What is Laura passionate about? [8:55]
  • Productivity for Laura [9:30]
  • How has your productivity evolved? [11:00]
  • Why Laura cares about relationships? [12:16]
  • Why did you choose law? [13:30]
  • What do you think with corporate overall? [17:13]
  • Professional life and personal life that concerns Laura [18:18]
  • Being indispensable [20:00]
  • Stories about Laura taking deliberate action [22:06]
  • What do you think the default time should be for a meeting? [24:11]
  • What other habits or practices do you wish more people would take advantage of working in corporate? [27:32]
  • The human brain's efficiency [29:28]
  • First obligations as human beings and productivity teachers [31:22]
  • Where do you think office culture is going ten years from now? [34:05]
  • Five kids, moving to New York and home-schooling [36:42]
  • What matters most [39:30]
  • When the McClellan communication broke down [41:30]
  • Awareness as first step to making progress [42:27]
  • Where to find Laura [44:40]