51 - Corporate's Perspective on Hacking Corporate (with David Lee)

How does a Corporate Executive feel about hacking corporate?

My goal for this interview was to understand how to approach a corporate Executive with a proposal that would provide you, my listeners, the ability to escape your cubicle, and gain the freedom and autonomy you desire in an office setting, and how to negotiate such an arrangement.  

What you’ll hear may surprise you!

What better way to gain perspective on how to hack corporate from a man who has the ability to approve your hacking corporate tactics!  My wife first had the thought, how cool would it be to bring on one of the Executives from my former employer? 

I loved the idea (thanks again Nazach).  The result of our brainstorming is this value-packed episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show with Mr David Lee!

David Lee is a Senior Director, Supply Chain for The Mosaic Company, He sets strategic direction for Supply Chain and leads the supply chain/logistics/planning and warehouse/distribution functions,
including the finished product planning function for both the Phosphates and Potash business units of the company.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh KATZ School of Business.

David is married and has a son and 3 daughters (ages 19, 12, 11, 9). His hobbies include skiing, traveling and dining.

David and his wife, Stephanie on their special day.

David and his wife, Stephanie on their special day.

It was a lot of fun catching up with David on the show, and I hope you find it both as helpful and interesting as I did.  It's time for corporate culture to change!  I look forward to serving my listeners with more great perspectives on the subject, like this one from David.

Corporate hackers unite! 

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  • Interview starts [3:46]
  • What is your overall impression of corporate hacking today? [7:00]
  • What are the positive attributes of working in a large office? [9:53]
  • Work-life integration and negative attribute on the "big office" [13:25]
  • Do you have experience with the "Millennials Mindset?" [16:28]
  • Work smarter not harder [18:46]
  • Fostering agreements vs expectations [20:33]
  • David's email experience [22:36]
  • Nick's story about the Control Room [25:11]
  • Complaining [28:00] 
  • What meeting is worth your time? [29:55]
  • The process of sitting down and talking through issues [33:31]
  • Going against the grain mentality [35:57]
  • Take away the chairs [38:15]
  • How can an employee demonstrate high performance? [40:00]
  • Open-minds, willingness to change, and working within your control [42:57]
  • Employee and leader approach negotiations [45:04]
  • David's flexible Friday experience [47:12]
  • Does the number of hours an employee spends in the office matter? [48:39]
  • Are a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) for everyone? [50:43]
  • Discovering the true KPIs? [55:33]
  • Final thoughts from David [57:25]
  • Where to find David [58:38]