52 - Raw & Real: Corporate Talk with "The Hacker Panel” (feat. Kevin Carr & Clem Harrod)

A Panel of "Corporate Hackers,” to answer real questions about how to handle corporate…

It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

This month’s panel of experts consists of a former Corporate Execute for non-other-than the NBA…yes, that’s the National Basketball Association, in case you didn’t know!


Mr. Kevin Carr joined Dr. “Let it Flow” Harrod and I in the man-cave to sort through some excellent questions from you listeners.  

Kevin joined the NBA in 2001 as Director of Player Programs and worked his way up the Corporate ladder for well over a decade.  Kevin has been responsible for managing player program initiatives for the NBA's Development League and for the execution of premier NBA player programs like NBA All-Star, NBA Draft, and the Rookie Transition Program.

Nowadays, Kevin took his leap from the Corporate world and founded PRO2CEO, whose mission is to provide comprehensive training, consulting services and products for high-achieving athletes, artists, and entertainers with the desire to improve their human potential.

Kevin knows corporate, and he knows athletes…I’d say that’s a recipe for making it SNAPPY if there’s ever been one!  We dove deep into the concept of “hacking corporate,” and you’ll enjoy some insight into exactly what we mean by “hacking corporate” which has absolutely nothing specifically to do with computers and illegal activities…just putting that out there.

Big thanks to Kevin, Clem and all of the listeners who contributed to a fantastic episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.

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  • Introducing the "Hacker Panel" [4:00]
  • Every career beginnings was progression [6:34]
  • What would you like to see in an employee? [8:38]
  • When no one asked about Kevin's family throughout his career [9:45]
  • Are you staying because you wanna stay? [11:00]
  • Can you have balance in corporate and have the life that you should be living as a dad or a husband [13:56]
  • "What is the current focus of change management on teams and how is it changing with the new generation who is wanting to “hack corporate.”" (Question from Shelley) [15:30]
  • Knowing your people [17:27]
  • Always having your people's best interest in mind [19:15]
  • Giving teams the ability to manage themselves [24:47]
  • "How is the face of corporate changing with the new “hacking corporate” mentality?" (Question #2 from Shelley)[27:00]
  • Clem's experience of NBA stars attire change [30:28]
  • "Do you have any recommendations for how to managing those difficult periods, and maintain a good balance of work and home life?" (Question from Dave) [33:45]
  • Kevin's nine month period of business [37:30]
  • Understanding and communication [39:25]
  • "What are some ways that you can look for that will point you in the right directions when it comes to finding a company through KPI's that will really gonna move the needle" (Question from Sam) [40:50]
  • How to understand the true KPI's [44:00] 
  • Clem's transition of understanding his time and value [46:46]
  • "If you have any tips or techniques on how to best make use of that transitional phase of coming home off the road and actually being productive, without having to feel like it’s completely regimented and scheduled." (Question from Chris) [50:08]
  • What was the wake-up call for Kevin [52:30]
  • The Hyper-scheduling [54:37]
  • Where to find Kevin [56:37]