53 - How My Wife Focuses Like a Cheetah at Home (with Nazach Snapp)

I’ve witnessed my wife focus at home and it’s quite incredible.

So when you hear me asking her questions about how she focuses  it’s because I genuinely want to know her process!  

The topic-of-the-month is focus and I’m really excited about the powerhouse lineup of star-studded focusers we have for you this month on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.  

Focus is hard!  

There are multiple levels and ways to focus.  Often times some of the best ways to improve our focus often times go overlooked.

Nazach and I cover how to focus both at home and at work and how to utilize focus skills for either situation.  We walk you through our own Snapp household case studies and give you some great tips on how to maintained focus when your motivation is low.

"When I get to sleep early, my focus is exponentially greater the next day when I am working"   - Nick Snapp   

"When I get to sleep early, my focus is exponentially greater the next day when I am working" - Nick Snapp


Enjoy our value-packed, banter-laden episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.









  • Welcoming back Nazach [2:20]
  • What's the first step you would recommend for better focus around the house? [5:04]
  • Awareness of what needs to get done [7:51]
  • What does Nazach think about when she's running? [8:30]
  • Task process for Nick and Nazach [11:22]
  • Why Nazach does not go to grocery stores anymore [13:31]
  • How do process steps work for Nazach [16:51]
  • Separate activities or put them all together? [19:00]
  • Nazach's habit and what consumes her [22:29]
  • The kid's focus & dynamics  [24:40]
  • On developing one-on-one time with the boys [27:00] 
  • Phone strategies that works best for Nazach [28:50]
  • Sleeping and the elements of focus [30:42]
  • Strategizing and figuring out ways to improve [33:50]
  • What's Nazach's form of meditation? [36:35]
  • Asking "why?" [38:00]
  • Reasons why we are not doing what we need to do [39:44]
  • Helpful "distraction tracking" [41:50]
  • Nick's nauseous work-out [43:00]
  • Office distractions and agreements [46:00]
  • The One Thing [48:44]
  • Bouncing off ideas with others [50:37]