54 - A New Focus: The Focus Trilogy (Pt. 1)

It takes just four 30-second steps to focus...

This month we’ll be “focusing” on how to focus better.  Many will tell you to start with meditation, to calm down your mind and develop the habit of focusing on your breath or a single thought.  

Meditation is great; meditation works. 

Yet, it can be one of the most frustrating habits to effectively put into practice. 

If you’re not leading a focused life, meditation can become yet another stressor in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should all participate in some form of mediation, but I’d challenge the assumption that everyone needs to start today.  Some people aren’t ready for it. 

Maybe that’s you.

Maybe you just need to develop and stick to something you know you can accomplish.  We all want to bite off way more than we can chew.  We have this unfounded belief that we can go from unproductive to laser focused by flipping a switch.

The truth is that focus requires time.

The muscles you’ll ultimately engage to maintain focus have atrophied.  Society has done a tremendous disservice to our ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. 

Smartphone notifications, Facebook feeds, marketing tactics, unnecessary email and the ability to stay plugged in, are all contributing factors to our weak focusing muscles.

Listen to this episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show and learn about my four 30-second steps to improved focus, originally presented via Blab.







  • Show starts [3:00]
  • Nick offers alternative solutions to focus better [4:29]
  • Unfounded belief [5:19]
  • First step of focus: commitment to paying attention to what you're doing [6:37]
  • Sixty second investment to better focus through reflection [7:24]
  • The "creative pause" [9:52]
  • What contributes to the "feeling" exercise [10:35]
  • The "Why" [11:30]
  • Third Step: What you can do about it? [12:15]
  • Don't break the chain [13:20] 
  • Recap [14:20]