55 - Focus Strikes Back: The Focus Trilogy (Pt. 2)

The Focus Strikes Back dives into some tactics for focusing better right now, or the next time you decide to sit down and focus on a given task. 

There are three tactics you can implement RIGHT AWAY to focus better immediately.

Unlike Part 1, the tactics I describe aren’t so much about mindset, other than the fact that you need to COMMIT to setting up the infrastructure, but more so on how to setup an environment in your work or home office that fosters improved focus.

I’ll through the first step, “When to Focus,” because if you’re feeling tired, out of energy, the first step is to be DELIBERATE about WHEN it is you should be focusing.

Next, we’ll talk about something boring that everyone’s heard one million times before, but we’ll hit it from a different angle and that’s Step 2, “Sleep & Eat.”

Finally, we get into how to get the word out about your focus process and the last step, executing your focused tasks in batches.

The focus is striking BACK baby!  So give it another shot and leave a comment about your favorite methods for focusing better.







  • Show Starts with Recap [2:38]
  • Commitment and integrity [4:03]
  • It's starting small [5:40]
  • Step 1: When to focus [7:47]
  • Knowing when to focus then schedule that time [10:00]
  • The decision fatigue [11:00]
  • Planning in advance [11:40]
  • Sleep [13:29]
  • Turning off notifications [15:18]
  • Execution mode [17:17]
  • Pomodoro technique [19:45]