56 - Return of the Focus: The Focus Trilogy (Pt. 3)

Sustainable focus will only thrive with accountability.

In this exciting conclusion to our trilogy, "Return of the Focus,” I discuss strategies for achieving sustainable focus, which has a lot to do with developing a support network that holds you accountable to maintaining your goals, front-of-mind, constantly.

There are three options for improving your focus through accountability, but first, it’s worth noting that one of the key deterrents from our ability to FOCUS, is not knowing what the heck to focus on!

If we don’t have a plan that we’re ready to execute in advance, a plan that we BELIEVE in, by nature, we’re NOT going to be focused.


Step #1 - Make Your Focus Public

The first is to make your goals, the things you plan to focus on, public.  I choose to do this through my Productive on Purpose (P.O.P.) Facebook group but there’s a ton of ways you can make your goals public.

For me, regardless of whether anyone cares, I want to be a man of integrity and keep my word. Consequently, I know once I make something public I’m almost guaranteed to follow-through.

I typically create a Facebook post in my P.O.P. group and let my POPPERS know what it is I want to get done this week, month or during the year (that’s what we call each other, “Poppers,” what?  Did you expect “Snappers?” 

Come now, that would be just plain narcissistic!  (What’s Snappening by the way?)

Sometimes I ask my group directly to volunteer to hold me accountable, or I’ll create and follow-through with my own challenge.  I put out a new challenge every other week in the group.  


Step #2 - Raise the Stakes

There are some innovative services out there, like Stickk.com and others that actually allow you to put money on your goal and make it a bet of some sort.  Another alternative is to make a high investment in yourself that’s related to your goal.


Step #3 - Accountability Partner

I’ve talked about it several times, but having your spouse or life partner hold you accountable isn’t as daunting as it may sound.  Nazach and I have weekly reviews over lunch on Fridays and it’s incredibly effective. 

We go over business goals and family goals.  We check in with each other to get a feeling for whether we’re on track.  These lunch meetings started to be productive only after we were both mutually committed to making them valuable. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when you’re married to your accountability partner.

Have an agenda and be deliberate...


Step #4 - Find a Coach

I’m a little biased here because I have a coach and I am a coach, but there’s no greater way to do business, and life than to have someone you’re paying to hold you accountable to better yourself.

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish or learn, finding someone who is knowledgeable and fun to work with will catapult your growth tenfold doing it on your own.

Shameless plug...if you’re overwhelmed and there’s room for you to grow in your personal productivity I’d love to hear your story and see if I could help you. Click here if you would be interested in a strategy session.

My goal is to give ANY entrepreneur with kids, the ability to take Fridays off from work and spend it with their family.

Thanks for tuning into the “Focus Trilogy,” any questions or interesting perspective leave a comment below.








  • Show starts (recap) [3:00]
  • Sustainable focus [7:17 ]
  • The power of having a plan [8:06 ]
  • Make your goals public [8:54]
  • P.O.P. group challenge [10:27]
  • The "One Thing" challenge [11:30]
  • Accountability and pre-selling [15:00]
  • Overall social media and Snapp Fast Coaching Program [18:00]
  • Raising stakes [19:32]
  • The power of the accountability partner and business goals [20:51]
  • Finding a coach [24:15]