57 - Unimaginable Focus Through Mindfulness (with Bruce Langford)

It’s easy to be productive, but it’s not always easy to be productive in the right areas...

Insightful words from my good friend and neighbor to the north, Canada’s own Bruce Langford, founder of the Mindfulness Mode podcast.  

My man Bruce is one of my favorite podcasters because he helps people become more calm, focused, and happy through mindfulness. 

Who doesn’t want that? 

For well over a decade, Bruce has helped hundreds of students and adults around the world work through bullying situations.  Throughout his career in bully prevention, Bruce found himself increasingly using mindfulness techniques to help kids & grown-ups regain confidence and ultimately finding happiness.

I’m super-excited to have Bruce on Make it Snappy today!

"To me, being productive is being productive in the right place"   - Bruce Langford

"To me, being productive is being productive in the right place" - Bruce Langford

I’m thrilled not only because he’s got the most calm, soothing voice I’ve ever heard (I could listen to Bruce all day long and immediately find myself a bit more relaxed) - but more importantly because he provides such incredible value in support of our topic-of-the-month, focus!

Bruce’s insight is world class because he helps make the connection for us between mindfulness and focus, and I love listening to his perspective on how it all relates to productivity.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer Snappation…

Please give this episode a listen and give us your “focused” thoughts on our interview with Bruce byleaving us a comment to this post.







  • Show starts [3:00]
  • What being productivity means to Bruce [4:05]
  • Productivity in the right places [6:48]
  • How Bruce moved into Mindfulness? [9:01]
  • When Bruce realized for things to happen [11:24]
  • What type of mindset or attitude do we need to achieve focus and happiness? [13:26]
  • Discovering the connection between mindfulness and improved focus [15:23]
  • Bruce making a difference in 800 students [17:10]
  • Have you found any tactics that make selling services and getting your message out enjoyable? [20:47]  
  • The "Jar of Awesome" [23:17]
  • Bruce's meditation routine [24:40]
  • Morning practice and journaling [28:00]
  • Practices to help improve focus? [34:11]
  • What is Bruce favorite notebook? [35:40]
  • Bruce's pen speaks something [37:35]
  • The No. 1 tip! [38:31]
  • A wonderful flying experience during Bruce's lunch break [41:40]
  • Find out why Nick congratulated Bruce [45:18]
  • Where to find Bruce [45:40]