58 - First Focus on Changing Inside (with Jay Wong)

Until you’ve committed to making a change from within, you’re never going to achieve focus.

Jay Wong has been crushing it these days by helping and guiding people through the process of making a change from within.

Not only an Inner-Change Maker, Jay Wong is a motivational Speaker, podcaster extraordinaire, vagabonded and host of JayWongTV.  In fact, Jay’s podcast, “The Inner Changemaker” debuted as the #1 Self-Help podcast in iTunes for 2015.  Jay speaks all over the world, and he believes in taking MASSIVE action on your business and personal goals.

You may remember Jay from “The Hustle Panel” way back on Episode #43, which to date, is my MOST listened to presentation of Make it Snappy (much love to Jay and Clem for knocking that one out of the park, by the way), but this episode we take a dive deep into Jay’s story.

Jay and I talk about Jay's catalyst for creating his own inner change and how he focuses in on what’s important each and every day.  We get into setting and achieving goals, as well as how to say “no” to the wrong things.

If you enjoyed Jay on “The Hustle Panel,” if you’re an “Inner Changemaker” or you want to be one yourself, you’re going to dig this nugget-filled interview on Make it Snappy. 

"I think ACTION is the one thing that keeps us from the dreams that we have, from doing what we actually want"    - Jay Wong

"I think ACTION is the one thing that keeps us from the dreams that we have, from doing what we actually want" - Jay Wong

Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know what inner change you’re planning to make - Change today, don’t wait for tomorrow.


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August 30th - 2pm EST

August 31st - 7pm EST






  • Welcome Jay! [2:00]
  • How does Jay define productivity? [4:39]
  • How to channel energy to be strategic? [6:28] 
  • What made Jay realize his greatest purpose? [7:19]
  • The "dog whistle" [8:50]
  • Jay's purpose [10:40]
  • Jay's mentor and his passion and desires  [12:40]
  • Was Jay able to inspire people in high school? [14:03]
  • The magnet school experience [16:00]
  • Jay's first public speaking with 4K people [19:30]
  • The "Golden Question" [22:50]
  • Unique ability vs. your expertise [25:51]
  • What is your process for staying focus on the right things? [27:10]
  • Jay's "Intention Letter" [29:43]
  • Do you focus on the habit, or do you have the outcome in your mind? [32:22]
  • Habits and "becoming that person" [35:00]
  • Who's inspired you to stay focus with your goals as an entrepreneur? [36:12]
  • Where to find Jay [37:30]