59 - Straight Up Student Focus (Coaching with Rachael Terry)

I wish I had a productivity coach when I was a student...

How much better would you have done in school if you had a coach helping you optimize your study and school routine?

I’m so grateful for the ability to give one student the ability to answer this question today and I’m super-pumped to present you my incredibly unique coaching experience with Wyoming’s own, Pharmacy Student extraordinaire, Rachael Terry!

Rachael graduated with a BS in Physiology from the University of Wyoming and at the time of this recording Rachael she was a 2nd year student of Pharmacy at The University of South Florida - Go Bulls!

Rachael is studying at USF to be a one-of-a-kind, change-the-world-type of Pharmacist!

Rachael works three, yes, THREE part-time internships, and like most super-smart students she’s participating in several academic organizations.  She’s physically active, cooks, hangs out with her shih tzu, and she’s all pumped up about all the value she’ll soon be bringing to the world of pharmacy.

Rachael told me our session would be fantastic if I helped her improve her focus as a busy student, and give her tips on overcoming procrastination and distractions and so BOOM!!! 

This episode proved perfect for our topic-of-the month - FOCUS.

Transitioning from business coaching to student coaching wasn’t too much of a stretch for me because I’ve actually partnered with USF on several occasions to present to students on personal effectiveness.

In fact, you can go to MakeitSnappyShow.com/Speaking check out the highlights from one of my presentations at USF.

Shout out to the USF College of Pharmacy!  Students, please leave us a comment and let us know what you learned from my session with Rachael.







  • Show Starts [2:30]
  • Rachael tells a little bit about herself [3:13]
  • What's Rachael's dream and her two other jobs [7:20]
  • The weekend work [10:50]
  • Summary on Rachael's schedule [14:27]
  • What is Rachael's morning ritual on MWF's? [16:03]
  • How many courses do you take in right now? [18:41]
  • Cooking meal and Rachael's gym routine [20:45]
  • TV and weekly hang outs [22:50]
  • Do you have a thumb rule by the number of hour to spend at class? [24:13]
  • What are the different activities that you do in your study? [26:25]
  • What class is most valuable to Rachael? [29:32]
  • Rachael's goal is to be the best that she can be [31:28]
  • Planning and planning execution [35:43]
  • Getting around 29 hours goal [37:42]
  • Drawing boundaries [42:40]
  • Taking time off [45:00]
  • What is distracting Rachael [47:45]
  • 25 minute work and 15 minute break [49:38]
  • 10 minute email check [52:10]
  • Pomodoro technique [54:00]
  • Do you have lunch break on Sundays when you work? [57:00]
  • Where to find Rachel [1:02:28]