60 - Focusing Your Passion (with Jonathan Milligan)

How do you focus without knowing what you’re passionate about?

You don’t.

I was first introduced to Jonathan Milligan back in 2011, when I decided, come hell or high water, I was going to leave my comfortable job and start a business I was passionate about.

Jonathan didn’t know it during our interview, but here’s a fun little story for you, Snappy Nation, about how I found Jonathan and how he’s influenced my decision to become an entrepreneur...

In 2011 was in Chicago on vacation, shortly after accepting a new position within my former company, and I remember Googling “How to Get out of the Rat Race.”  I found a great article called “How I Got out of the Rat Race,” that resulted from a website called ChristianPF.com, written by a guy named Bob Lotich.

I learned a heck of a lot from that single article and it actually got my wheels turning about this online entrepreneurship game. 

I started following Bob’s stuff and found that he was partnering with a super-smart guy by the name of Jonathan Milligan, our guest for today’s show.

Jonathan and Bob beautifully mastermind an amazing program called Blogging Your Passion 101.  This is the program that got me started down my blogging path all those years back.  

I purchased this program over five years ago and I’ve been following Jonathan ever since. I’ve seen him grow through the years, which is pretty cool and today, he’s grown SO WILDLY successful, that he’s now being featured on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show... I’m just kidding Jonathan.

Jonathan Milligan is not only a blogger, but an author, speaker and online business coach. His background in education has made him a perfect councilor and guide for directing entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and go after meaningful work.

"Productivity is spending the right time on the right things, and the right things at the right time"   - Jonathan Milligan

"Productivity is spending the right time on the right things, and the right things at the right time" - Jonathan Milligan

I’ve learned a countless variety of information from Jonathan from blogging strategies, to podcasting, to re-purposing content, this man knows how to focus on the right things.  Since 101, he’s put out Blogging Your Passion 201 through 401 and a Kindle self-publishing course called Kindle Your Passion among many many other programs.  He’s been featured on MichaelHyatt, Lifehacker, 48Days, Business Week, Jared Easley’s Starve The Doubts podcast,


The Make it Snappy Productivity Show!!!

(I had to throw that in one more time for good measure).

Jonathan’s the man, and he’s built his platform brick by brick and piece by piece.  He's a straight-up, transparent, awesome man of faith.  

If this show grabs you and inspires you to take action in any way, please don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you’re going to do differently as a result of listening to this interview.









  • Welcome Jonathan [4:00]
  • What is your definition of productivity? [5:40] 
  • Paint us a picture of a productive person [6:53]
  • Consistency and sticking to things 10:41
  • What Jonathan tells people about blogging [14:48]
  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset [16:20]
  • What is your process for weeding through all the tasks you could be doing and deciding which tasks you should do? [19:00]
  • "Frog-eating" and green activities [22:39]
  • Jonathan's 5-7 AM discipline [24:25]
  • Jonathan's very first revelation of "FULL" [29:02]
  • Jonathan's morning routine [31:10]
  • What happens when we forget our "why?" [33:30]
  • What we can do today, to maintain a consistently positive mindset and maintain the motivation to focus hard each day? [35:00]
  • What do you do at home to help your kids focus better? [38:30]
  • How Jonathan and his wife empower their kids [41:30] 
  • What do you do to focus on the family? [43:22]
  • 30 day productive challenge  and where to find Jonathan [47:38]