62 - Family Focus While Running a Business (with Sarah Mastriani-Levi)

You don’t have a meaningful business if you don't have your family on board...

Sarah Mastriani-Levi, who, if you remember was one of my featured guests on my 50th Celebration episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, dedicated to my Productive on Purpose (P.O.P.) Facebook community, is a not only a fellow-“POPper,” but also a ridiculously productive mother of four!

As a Holistic Health/Lifestyle Coach and Personal Chef, Sarah Mastriani-Levi’s background is incredibly diverse; she’s lived all over the world and knows a thing or two about how to focus.

In the case of our interview today, however, we talk in-depth about how to focus at home.

"Sometimes we need to create that quiet impact within ourselves before we can share it with other people"   - Sarah Mastriani Levi 

"Sometimes we need to create that quiet impact within ourselves before we can share it with other people" - Sarah Mastriani Levi 

As a single parent of four children, she embraces a strong connection with nature and an emphasis on meaningful and loving communication.  Sarah is often referred to as a creative-visionary and inspirational-catalyst.

She lectures internationally and offers workshops and holistic health coaching for the health-curious, to the avidly health-conscious.

Sarah’s podcast, Simple Change, is about creating impact, one conversation at a time, where she hosts inspiring guests to talks about simple changes that have shifted the entire trajectory of their lives.

Our conversation was deeply fulfilling for me.  We talk about raising our kids, how to carve out time for them and how to be more present in the moment.  She offers tactical strategies for challenging basic assumptions and impacting the world at a whole new level.

If you want to make some simple changes in your own life, take Sarah up on her offer for a 15-minute conversation with her, at no cost to you go to Mannafestliving.com.









  • Welcome Sarah! [2:20]
  • How can we focus at home? [4:20]
  • The binary outlook of right and wrong [6:54]
  • Sarah's on purpose [8:37]
  • Focus at home and the simple changes [11:10]
  • Questioning the very simple things in life [13:40]
  • Sarah's story about simple change and simple questions [16:50]
  • Simple change recommendation for listeners [18:34]
  • Emotional intimacy [19:20]
  • The importance of time blocks [21:40]
  • Communication, time value and respect [23:30]
  • Time blocking on Sarah's calendar [25:52]
  • Sarah's top priority [29:00]
  • Habits and one-on-one time [31:20]
  • The openness [34:00]
  • What's the single most important thing: family dynamics [35:45]
  • Parenting alone [38:33]
  • Where to find Sarah online [40:14]
  • Inspired Leadership launching and Free 15-Minute Laser Focus Strategy Session [40:50]