64 - The ‘One Thing’ That Makes Everything Else Easier (with Navid Moazzez)

Who needs law school when you know your "one thing?"

I'm grateful to my friend, Ani Alexander, who went out of her way to introduce me to this unbelievably focused and productive man, Navid Moazzez.

Navid and I started getting to know each other and I realized that he's just as passionate about Gary Keller’s book, “The One Thing,” as I am! 

I was inspired to create a special episode dedicated to his story and how focusing on his One Thing changed his life forever.

Navid Moazzez is a lifestyle entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs create, promote & profit from a virtual summit to skyrocket their business and brand online. His mission is to inspire and help you live life on your own terms so you can achieve your ideal lifestyle. 


During this episode we talk in depth about how Navid views his One Thing and how he uncovered it.  We also learn about some things he doesn’t typically get into on podcasts, like how he manages his personal lifestyle while traveling, and how he manages to stay productive with not only his business endeavors, but at home with people closest to him.

“Rather than aiming for perfection, just start and get going and you can perfect and make things better as you move forward.”   -Navid Moazzez

“Rather than aiming for perfection, just start and get going and you can perfect and make things better as you move forward.” -Navid Moazzez

He’s the polar opposite of someone who overthinks things and that’s what I love about this guy!  Navid's fascinating story and the exciting work he's doing through virtual summits will get your wheels turning fast!


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  • Show starts [4:00]
  • Navid takes us back to "The One Thing" [6:15]
  • On quitting Navid's Job [8:00]
  • What was it about the virtual summit that attracted you? [10:15]
  • Adding value and building relationships [11:00]
  • What is a Virtual Summit? [14:20]
  • Focusing on the summit as The One Thing [17:00]
  • On consultant skills [19:40]
  • The One Thing on a tactical, day-to-day basis [23:25]
  • When did Navid make his decision about his One Thing? [26:23]
  • Navid starts getting sales [28:38]
  • What pushed Navid to really focus in? [30:00]
  • How does Navid handle personal relationships when he is laser-focused on an important task? [32:16]
  • How have you used productivity to eliminate tasks at home? [34:15]
  • Do you have a morning ritual routine? [36:30]
  • The process for business ideas [39:29]
  • The "pre-sell" pilot [42:00]
  • Where to find Navid [44:00]