66 - Taking Those First Few Steps (with Paul Minors)

How do you help people become the best version of themselves?

You help them get productive!  Come on, that was an easy one...

Yet, there’s a man out there who’s truly passionate about showing people how to make it "snappen" and it’s my man, New Zealand native, Paul Minors.  Paul hosts “The Productivity Podcast.” He's a productivity expert and a key person of influence in the space.


Paul is an awesome guy, he’s got a way about him that’s contagious. I've really enjoyed getting to know Paul. 

Paul’s built an amazing platform in a super-short period of time at PaulMinors.com (he's only been at it for two years)!

I know Paul’s a productivity superstar because he’s built such a great platform and name for himself ALL while working full time.

Additionally, despite our topic-of-the-month, Paul is NOT a procrastinator, so you’ll learn a lot about avoiding your own procrastination in a world where it’s all too easy to work on what’s easy...and avoid what we know we need to be working on.


Paul’s super-productive, super-charged, and keeps putting out fantastic content online week after week.  I was on Paul’s podcast recently so if you like what he’s all about on Make it Snappy you can check my episode on The Productivity Podcast by clicking here

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  • Welcome to the show Paul Minors! [2:50]
  • The "click baits" [5:58]
  • The importance of doing something that really excites you [7:42]
  • How to be "The best version of yourself"? [8:42] 
  • Is it normal for people to know the best version of themselves? [10:07]
  • Paul's discovery process and learning's [12:09]
  • The online, location-independent business [15:37]
  • Paul's "Why" [18:07]
  • Advice on starting with lower expectations [19:00]
  • If it's about the money then you are doing it for the wrong reasons [21:27]
  • What do you do each day to remain and be consistent [26:37]
  • The benefits of putting everything in your calendar [27:00]
  • Useful applications Paul uses [28:00]
  • Time blocking [31:18]
  • What does Paul fear? [35:40]
  • Paul's metrics and sales goals [38:50]
  • Where to find Paul [42:00]
  • Changing names [43:20]