67 - The No. 1 Thing Entrepreneurs Procrastinate (with Ben Brown)

So what’s the No. 1 thing we procrastinate as highly motivated entrepreneurs and side hustlers? 

The answer is sales

We want to do everything in our power to avoid the inevitable...but to be in business, we need to sell.  For this reason, my guest today, Mr. Ben Brown is perfect to help us through our tendency to procrastinate in this area.

"If you don't like it or love it, leave it"   - Ben Brown

"If you don't like it or love it, leave it" - Ben Brown

Ben and I met at an event with the Tampa Bay Business Owners and my man had an important message to get out into the world!  I thought it would be good idea to have him on the show to talk through his philosophy and give us some tactical strategies for effective sales....(notice I didn’t say sales AND marketing)!


Marketing is a completely different, somewhat comfortable activity.  Sales is scary!  That’s why we procrastinate on it.

Ben is the founder and CEO of 360 Sales Consulting. He’s been in sales and Sales Mgmt. for over 18 years and he’s passionate about helping business people sell.  He’s developed a 10-step sales process that he says will help anyone understand the simple law of properly selling a customer something he or she will benefit from.

I enjoyed my conversation with Ben, he has a great energy about him and you’ll learn a lot sales, and hopefully eliminate some of that fear that comes along with it (you know what I’m talking about Snappy Nation)...so enjoy today’s presentation of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.


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  • Show Starts [1:00]
  • Confusion between marketing and sales [3:00]
  • How Ben came to love sales [3:46]
  • How to practice sales [5:50]
  • Beyond procrastination [7:57]
  • What can we do to start selling now? [9:30]
  • What are some tactics that you use to find qualified prospects? [11:20]
  • Building your list, joining groups and adding value [14:00]
  • How much time should be invested on platform groups? [17:35]
  • Hard selling [20:00]
  • Ben's group coaching [23:00]
  • Asking tough questions [26:00]
  • Ben's favorite sales story [28:00]
  • Don't assume anything [30:00]
  • Bad money [32:20]
  • How can you request payment without being pushy or rude? [35:05]
  • Ben's step #4 [37:50]
  • Objections and time wasted [40:00]
  • How did Ben find his birth mother? [41:00]
  • Where to find Ben [44:00]