68 - Pushing Through Life Transitions (Coaching with Inga Varney)

When life happens, goals can get foggy; they can be pushed to the back burner.

What was once important, may not seem all that important anymore. A new career, the birth of a child, a big move to another city...

I’ve put my family through many transitions throughout my career and transitions can be stressful.  Many have taken a toll on my routine; I found myself a little off balance, almost like I was in a state of limbo.

Yet, when life happens humans learn to adapt; to adjust and be flexible. With a little guidance, it's possible to push through the transition and focus on the things that will get us back to living the life get we’re striving for. 

My guest today on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show has gone through some big transitions over the past six months, and through our coaching conversation she was able to put together a solid plan to get her business back on track, one piece at a time.

It’s my pleasure to present to you my coaching conversation with Certified Sommelier, wine-enthusiast, Inga Varney.  Inga has spent 13 years working in process improvement as a contractor for the Navy and she took her leap into entrepreneurship over a year ago to follow her passion for wine.  She started Wine Star Services to bring people together through wine and had her first baby boy about six months after starting her business.

Inga’s new life change really made her think about her “why” and how she could live a consistently high-quality life with her family. She’s now in the process of transitioning her business from live, in-person wine-tasting events to wine education and hosting events online. You can check out Inga’s handiwork at http://winestarservices.com/.

We strayed slightly from our topic-of-the-month this time, procrastination, but it was an awesome coaching conversation that I’m sure you’ll glean some good insight from.  

"I found that the more I learned about wine, the more I enjoyed [it]."   - Inga Varney

"I found that the more I learned about wine, the more I enjoyed [it]." - Inga Varney

Inga’s actually a client of mine today (she wasn’t doing the time of this recording) and it’s been amazing working with Inga on her business and being part of her journey.  Today, Inga has been really focusing in and working productivity on the what matters for her business and her life as a new mom.


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  • Show starts! [3:30]
  • What's important to Inga? [6:00]
  • Not going back full time [7:55]
  • The cool niche of wine [9:30]
  • Inga's on and off blogging [11:18]
  • Why wine? [12:25]
  • What's your impression of the best way to create a community online? [15:57]
  • What are Inga's social media platforms? [18:40]
  • Why wino? [20:28]
  • Group tactics and tips [24:18]
  • What to do with excessive blogging [27:20] 
  • Facebook group involvement [29:53]
  • What is the next logical step and when will you do it? [32:20]
  • Inga's future group [36:20]
  • Why Inga likes to contribute and get engaged [39:40]
  • Accountability [41:25]
  • Product concept [44:00]
  • Where to find Inga [47:00]