69 - Experimenting with Procrastination (with Alex Barker)

He says his “soul’s on fire,” and I believe him...

If there’s ever been a guy I’ve met who walks the “I don’t procrastinate” talk like it’s no one’s business, it’s my guest today, the one and only Alex Barker.

At 27-years old, Alex paid off his house...yes, his house, and no one gave him the money to do this; he did it deliberately and strategically.  Alex believes in unleashing people’s possibilities through coaching and teaching, where he digs into some really interesting topics like:

  • How to pay off a house in 3 years
  • How to stay disciplined towards your goals, even past the first week after New Year's Resolution
  • How surrounding yourself with like-minded people leads to "synergy" - creating bigger results than you could ever create by yourself

As an active Pharmacist by day, a hero-Dad to his wife and two daughters by night, and an early morning innovative online entrepreneur, Alex hosts the 66 Day Experiment podcast.  The 66 Day Experiment is where he documents his intense 66-day experiments on life and business, like reading a book a day (you know, easy stuff), and building a business in 66 days. 

"Productivity for me is doing the things that make the biggest outcome"   - Alex Barker

"Productivity for me is doing the things that make the biggest outcome" - Alex Barker

Alex’s personal mission is to help men and women find a disciplined approach to success in life and business through the power of masterminds.

Alex and I met face-to-face after communicating online for quite some time at PodcastMovement this past July and I’m proud to say we’ve developed a great relationship that I’mexcited to see where it goes moving forward.  

Thank you Alex for taking the time to be on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, you are an inspiration.


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  • Show Starts [2:40]
  • The Facebook friends story [4:02]
  • How do you view productivity? [5:53]
  • How did Alex learn to be productive? [7:44]
  • What Alex realized [10:00]
  • Alex's core values and his time-wasting efforts of the past [13:00]
  • How does Alex keep it going? [15:20]
  • Identifying things that make money [17:35]
  • Clients come from conversations [19:30]
  • The "No email required download" [21:40]
  • Alex challenges any coach [24:00]
  • How does Alex work out agreements with his wife? [26:30]
  • A focus on helping people [31:00]
  • A time when Alex really made a difference [33:30]
  • The 66-day experiment concept [36:30]
  • Alex's season four podcast [39:36]
  • Alex story on procrastination [40:30]
  • Why are you still a Pharmacist? [44:28]
  • Having your spouse on-board [47:00]
  • Where to find Alex [49:15]