71 - The Procrastination Panel Ain’t About That Life (with Amber Temerity, Frank Tritini & Clem Harrod)

The Procrastination Panel is definitely NOT about that procrastination life.

We brought in some serious experts on the subject this month with another solid panel we put together to answer your burning questions.

I would first like to introduce Efficiency Strategist and business mentor for those who find themselves trapped in a cycle of fear, Amber Temerity.  Amber believes in living a life of freedom, which translates simply to working less than 30 hours/week and helping others achieve their own dreams.

Amber has been blogging for nearly 20, yes, TWENTY years and I love her platform because she’s passionate about living a high-quality life and that values time over money.

Amber has been blogging for nearly 20, yes, TWENTY years and I love her platform because she’s passionate about living a high-quality life and that values time over money.  For Amber, efficiency is at the core of our ability to enjoy all aspects of life and it was an absolute pleasure having Amber on the podcast.

Next, we have Frank Tritini, best known for his PP program...I know we have a ton of parents who are fans of the show but before you get too excited, Frank’s program has nothing to do with potty training toddlers, I assure you.  It does, however, have everything to do with combatting Personal Procrastination (a.k.a., P.P.) 

Frank believes in leveraging the archetype of "The Warrior,” to get stuff done.  He’s the CEO of Eye Star Consultants where he serves as a coach, teacher and anti-procrastinator.

Last, yet anything but least is Make it Snappy’s own “Doctor Let it Flow,” Clem Harrod, of CLEMCO.AV.  Clem’s passion lies not only in part-time podcasting, but also in video projection, sports videography, and most importantly, fatherhood.  

Clem established himself as a talented sports videographer for 15 seasons with the Orlando Magic and now works with many well-known companies and clients as a widescreen projectionist.  He’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure a positive outcome for the show’s he puts on and that’s EXACTLY why he continues to grace our Snappy airwaves every month...

Buckle your seatbelts Snappy Nation because you’re in for a wild ride as we present to you, the Procrastination Panel


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  • Show Starts [4:10]
  • Why Amber digs productivity [5:38]
  • Frank's fundraising and the "Snapples" [8:19]
  • Frank's view through the lens of "energy" [10:22]
  • "When is procrastination a good thing?" (Question from Andrea) [11:52]
  • Procrastination defined [13:20]
  • "Why do people habitually procrastinate?" (Question from Andrea Pt2) [15:09]
  • How does Amber use her husband as a case study? [17:15]
  • The "Shadow of the Lover" [19:22]
  • "How do you fight analysis paralysis?" (Question from De'Nicea) [21:41]
  • The "small wins" [24:10]
  • "What is the relationship between procrastination and decision making?" (Question from Geoff) [27:18]
  • "Do you have any tips for helping students for helping teenagers with procrastination?" (Question from Sarah) [29:28]
  • Crucial motivations [31:30]
  • Where to find Amber [33:46]
  • Where to find Frank [34:20]
  • Clem's podcast co-hosting endeavors [35:25]