73 - Meditating on 3-Day Weekends (w/ "Boom" Shikha Dhawan)

This month we’re exploring the lives of those who are so hyper-productive...

...that every weekend for these incredible entrepreneurs, is a three-day weekend.

Our guest today, “Boom” Shikha Dhawan is a young entrepreneur who’s managed to do just that.  Every weekend for her is a 3-day weekend for Shikha and she’s proud of it.

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She’s the founder of TheMillionaireHippie.com, an online community designed to help you find your life purpose, and propel you to what Boom calls your Level 10 life, and it’s all rooted in healthy meditation practices.

With a corporate background in marketing, through not only meditation, but also agile and scrum practices she lives the financially free, vagabonding, nomadic lifestyle most only dream about.

"The reason I only work [Four Days] is because I want to build my lifestyle around my business not for my business"   -Shikha Dhawan

"The reason I only work [Four Days] is because I want to build my lifestyle around my business not for my business" -Shikha Dhawan

I love this interview, Shikha has tremendous energy and a passion for people…please enjoy this productive presentation of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.


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  • Show Starts! [2:00]
  • Shikha's story of becoming an entrepreneur [3:30]
  • The thing about millennials [5:50]
  • When Shikha made her decision to leave the corporate world [7:20]
  • Busyness is a form of laziness [9:33]
  • Setting up systems and processes to support your business from the beginning [10:45]
  • Shikha's five most important things [12:19]
  • Meditation and posts [14:12]
  • Building Shikha's tribe [16:50]
  • Shikha's short term strategies [18:00]
  • Shikha's recommendation for entrepreneurs [21:55]
  • Creativity in silence and stillness [23:50]
  • Brainwashing millennials [26:30]
  • How do you spend this free day off each week? [27:40]
  • Shikha's purpose [29:00]
  • Where to find Shikha [29:50]