74 - Cognitive Science & The Fear of Impact (with Julia Vorontsova)

“Trying to make yourself work a lot is actually a fear of doing something that can make moreimpact.” -Julia Vorontsova

If this quote from my guest today doesn’t hit you between the eyes I don’t know if anything will!  I’m pleased to present to you an amazing entrepreneur by the name of Julia Vorontsova of Kakadu Media

With a background in cognitive science and language learning she learned how to teach students Mandarin Chinese in record time, through advertising... She’s an innovative thinker and focuses her efforts on the right things: family first.  Julia uses her in-depth knowledge and academic background in cognitive science to get to the core of how your customers think. 

She’s also a video SEO expert and the founder of Kakadu Media, which specializes in teaching you how to create effective marketing videos for your business with projects from Canada to China.

What interests me the most is how Julia knows the costs of every task she does, as well as which ones make her happy, and which ones make her feel unhappy - there’s some really great info that comes out of our interview and it totally has my wheels turning.

"If I don't make it happen right now, it's never going to happen"   - Julia Vorontsova

"If I don't make it happen right now, it's never going to happen" - Julia Vorontsova

Please bare with our bad-weather audio issues...I have AMAZING editors over at WildstyleMedia, headed by Niel Guilarte, so this episode came out A LOT better than I ever expected it to...the rain did a number on us man...but that being said,  I present to you this fantastic broadcast of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, with Julia Vorontsova.


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  • Show Starts! [2:46]
  • How Julia started her business [3:48]
  • A story about a revelation [6:00]
  • Julia's metrics on time tracking [7:50]
  • Services on ideal and non-ideal clients [9:30]
  • Ideal clients and pitches [11:00]
  • Old pitch vs new pitch [12:17]
  • How Julia ended up in advertising? [14:07]
  • Julia's journey on cognitive science [15:40]
  • Speaking the client's language and it's sales effects [21:13]
  • The "Sense of Why" [22:14]
  • Julia's realizations on zero constraints with time and money [23:50]
  • How Julia balances short term and long term business goals  [27:16]
  • When taking time-off [28:40]
  • Julia's recommendation for entrepreneurs on free days-off [30:10]
  • Kakadu Media [32:32]
  • Stay productive on purpose: different languages [34:25]
  • Words of wisdom from Julia [35:52]
  • Where to find Julie [36:20]