76 - Leveraging Automation (with Katya Sarmiento)

Entrepreneurs are getting so hyper-productive they can take one day off each week...

and it’s our job to figure out how they’re doing it. 

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you my guest, 4-Day Workweek entrepreneur and proponent of avoiding burnout and building a business that supports your lifestyle Katya Sarmiento.

Katya is an expert in technology and systems for online businesses and the founder of ReachANDMakeMillions.com, providing done-for-you tech services for successful, bookedout entrepreneurs and coaches who want to scale up their business and start earning passive income.

I really enjoyed the raw and real personality Katya brought to this interview.  She totally shoots it to us straight without sugar-coating her journey as an online entrepreneur.  I gained some lasting insight that I’ll definitely be applying to my own business, and for this I’m grateful.  Since Katya’s a fellow-systems and processes geek, we’re definitely going to have her back on the podcast for another round in the very near future.


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  • Show Starts [3:22]
  • What’s a booked-up entrepreneur? [4:16]
  • Katya does not focus on mindset [8:27]
  • How Katya became interested in automation [10:07]
  • Coaching, consulting and mentoring [12:20]
  • Is it possible to start a business today without having to do the non-stop hustle? [15:16]
  • Starting a business and hiring a life coach [17:17]
  • The "Turning Point" [20:14]
  • Why Katya hired coaches? [21:35]
  • Routines [24:15]
  • When do you think entrepreneurs would really cut their hours down? [27:35]
  • The "Secret Sauce" [29:21]
  • Doing the wrong things in the business [31:39]
  • Katya's recommendation [32:02]
  • Download Rescue Time [33:49]
  • Failures, frustrations and decisions [34:54]
  • Six months of quick shift [39:59]
  • Twenty-two and maturity [42:15]
  • Special offers -  from Katya [44:47]
  • Where to find Katya - [45:45]
  • Words of wisdom [46:10]