77 - Pigs & the Productive Mindset (with Chris Whitney)

Are you grinding when you should be Pig Jiggin’?

Today’s episode deviates just a bit from our 4-Day Workweek theme this month because there’s barbecue in the air, and I’m bringing my good friend, Mr. Chris Whitney back on the podcast.

I first interviewed Chris back on Episode #4 which seems like an eternity ago (note: you’ll get a feel for just how green I was back then if you listen to these earlier episodes)...

"If you don't have an assistant then, you are an assistant"   - Chris Whitney

"If you don't have an assistant then, you are an assistant" - Chris Whitney

Chris Whitney is the founder of annual The Tampa Pig Jig barbecue event, that raises money for a good cause that is Nephcure Kidney International.

He and his co-founders grew the Tampa Pig Jig from a backyard barbecue six years ago to what is now an amazing event with grammy-nominated artists and National sponsorships. His team has raised well over $1MM for charity and are expecting more than 7,500 to attendance this year’s event.

A native of Tampa, Chris is currently the President and CEO of Trans-Phos Inc., a 3rd generation-owned and operated commercial bulk transportation services provider.


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  • Interview Starts! [3:48]
  • What have you learned about your personal productivity this past year? [4:52]
  • Tactics Chris uses to be intentional [6:35]
  • Repetitive journaling [8:39]
  • Gratitude journaling [10:30]
  • Do you buy into this 80-hour per week mentality? [12:45]
  • Being effective with less [14:15]
  • How/why Chris got a VA [15:38]
  • Deliverable based relationship [19:18]
  • The story of Pig Jig [20:50]
  • What is the most productive thing Chris' team is doing consistently? [23:30]
  • A team that cares [24:47]
  • Where to find Chris [25:20]