80 - Seriously, You're Working Too Hard (w/ Amanda Goldman-Petri & Luis Congdon)

This month has been all about how to setup your business such that you’re so hyper-productive and efficient that you only have to work four days per week (if you want to...)

I’m telling you Snappy Nation, we brought in some serious 3-Day Weekend SUPERSTARS for this month’s panel!

First, it wasn’t actually a panel in the traditional sense...it was more like a “virtual panel,” because one of our guests was kind enough to answer your questions virtually.

Her name is Amanda Golman-Petri, and you wanna talk about efficiency?  When it comes to systems and processes I would put Amanda up against ANYBODY head to head on.  She’s lived and learned from the hustle, from all the non-stop nonsense and she made a choice to DELIBERATELY setup her current business differently.

Amanda’s business, MarketLikeaNerd.com leverages automation and processes to the fullest extent while helping her clients, from what Amanda promotes, create a sustainable business that welcomes 50 new ideal clients every 90 days!  

It was awesome having Amanda on thes how, I learned a ton from her story and way of thinking.

Also featured on this “quasi-panel” is Mr. Luis Congdon of ThrivingLaunch.com

Luis and I have been working with since early this year; he and his life partner Kamala Chambers mentored me through the development of a product I’ll be coming out with early next year.

Luis is committed to helping entrepreneurs get recognized and make money online so they can live a life of freedom.  Luis and Kamala spend their time traveling the world together, I never know where they'll will pop up next as I see him checking in on Facebook. 

We have some great questions from you listeners of the podcast and I think my hyper-productive guests, Luis and Amanda did a great job tackling and the commonality between ALL my guests this month is effect process.

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  • The Process Panel show starts! [4:10]
  • How did Luis started his journey on entrepreneurship? [5:50]
  • A job with purpose [7:00]
  • Unhappy, unemployed [9:05]
  • The biggest shift for Luis [10:50]
  • How Kamala greatly helped Luis in business [12:30]
  • "What would you ask an entrepreneur who has been able to only work four days a week from day one on their business? What did that person do prior to starting this business?" (Question from Tom) [14:35]
  • Why did Amanda quit grad school and her job? [16:11]
  • Working yourself to death [18:30]
  • Amanda's formula for making money with less efforts [20:16]
  • Systems to get team running [24:50]
  • Fighting the 80-hour work week hustle [27:24]
  • Templates and canned responses [31:50]
  • Messages and opportunities that Luis get with his business now [35:00]
  • "What are the practices, the ability to balance and the productivity habits that make this possible and how can it be duplicated?" (Question from Donna) [38:13]
  • The biggest fear that Luis noticed [41:55]
  • Things that Luis can't outsource [44:20]
  • Amanda's practices and productivity habits [47:12]
  • "Which three days of the week do you take off? Is it always the same three days or do you sometimes mix it up? (Question from Lisa) [49:50]
  • "Did they align their grave strategy to how many days they wanted to work, or did it actually work out that way, and how do they cope with peaks in business?" (Question from Nancy) [53:05]
  • Business clients equals love [55:50]
  • What processes Luis developed to help him realize to slow down and take a pause [57:12]
  • Paying by hour and not by deliverable [1:00:00]
  • Where to find Luis [1:03:40]