82 - Unleashing ONE Beast at a Time (with Benjamin Tyler)

Unleash one beast at a time so you can serve the world...

All month we’re deep into the ONE Thing, and full disclosure I recorded this interview with my guest, Benjamin Tyler way back in August and even back then, I knew one month, I’d end up dedicating the show to the ONE Thing, and here we are, it’s here!

So I’m FINALLY able to release all the gems he and I discussed and who is Benjamin Tyler you ask?

He's the man who helps you stand in your power and have the confidence to create the life you want...I like Ben because he’s a fellow-engineer geek and process guy...he’s the creator of Unleash Yourself and the 66-Day No Alcohol Challenge. 

Ben says the most powerful way your audience can become more productive is to better understand who they are and how they react to the their environments in order to better create the space to actually produce.  He also insists that Your most vital productivity tool is your body and if you don't fuel your body and maintain it properly, then you cannot perform optimally; he’s figured out how he reacts to the world and capitalizes on that momentum.

"Part of being productive is keeping it simple the first time"   - Benjamin Tyler

"Part of being productive is keeping it simple the first time" - Benjamin Tyler

Benjamin Tyler is raw and real, a complete open book and a guy who’s truly passionate about what he does.  Ben goes into some captivating stories about his history his alcohol addiction and we actually do a fairly good job at tying it all back to the ONE Thing...

Even though at the time of this recording he hadn’t read the book, he does know his ONE thing I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to his process for figuring this out.


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  • Show Starts! [4:30]
  • Serving people best [7:50]
  • How do you figure out what you should be doing? [8:45]
  • The one thing that could massively push you forward? [10:28]
  • Something courageous and bold [12:30]
  • On being prideful [14:39]
  • Emotional freedom [16:30]
  • Setting up systems to succeed [18:09]
  • How do you protect your time? [21:00]
  • Morning crush on creativity [22:00]
  • On alcohol [26:15]
  • Productivity on becoming emotionally free [29:44]
  • The first time Ben ever failed [32:10]
  • Momentum after 66 days of removing alcohol [34:35]
  • From alcohol to hiring a VA [37:48]
  • Dating [39:00]
  • Networking [41:00]
  • What has podcasting done for you? [44:20]
  • Benjamin's latest project [46:30]