84 - This is How You Let it Flow! (with Clem Harrod)

How do you let it flow?

No one does it better than my guest, Dr. Clem “Let it Flow” Harrod, who I’ve been wanting to bring back on my since way back on Episode 5.  Not only does Clem join me every month on our panels to help answer your burning questions, but he’s also the "Video Projectionist for the Best of Us…"

I call him a Philosopher, he calls himself a Curator.  Now, he’s officially a Podcaster!  Clem co-hosts his own podcast, The Production Channel that he and Stephen Bowles w/ ShoFlo.tv are preparing to launch on December 15th!

If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, here’s a little more background on my superstar guest…

Clem established himself as a talented sports videographer for 15 seasons with the Orlando Magic and has since founded CLEMCO.av, where he works with many well-known companies and clients as a widescreen projectionist.  

When Clem read The ONE Thing, our topic of the month, he took it right back to his home life…I should’ve expected that because family’s always first on his mind; with his wife, Joslynne, his 3-yr old daughter, Kinley and his 7-yr old son, CJ, who’s actually been featured on podcasts with Clem! 

I never know exactly where my episodes will go when Clem comes on the show and this conversation was no exception…

I was prepared to dig in and ask Clem some really probing questions about how he applies the ONE Thing and this led to an impromptu whiteboard session and coaching conversation!  

We had a blast hanging out as we always do, and I’m excited to read your feedback on this episode with Clem.


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  • Show Starts [5:50]
  • The book that Clem would read over and over again [7:40]
  • What was the most impactful part of The ONE Thing? [10:00]
  • Four quadrants in Clem's life [11:40]
  • The ONE Thing applied to Clem's four quadrants [14:40]
  • Patience as a father (first quadrant) [16:40]
  • Family (second quadrant) [20:50]
  • Strengthening relationships [23:30]
  • Community (third quadrant) [26:10]
  • Clem's lesson for his brand new podcast [28:30]
  • What does success look like to Clem? [30:35]
  • The ONE Thing Clem's mom taught him [32:55]
  • The Life (fourth quadrant) [33:40]