85 - From Dumpster Diving to Monetizing (with Joshua Lisec)

Desperate situations require focus and process...

My ONE Thing guest today is freelance writer and freedom enthusiast, Mr. Joshua Lisec. Joshua helps men and women with a marketable skill stand on their value and escape what he calls “cubicle slavery” and become the Go-To Freelancer of their niche. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from my conversation with Joshua when I read through his intake form and I saw things like “dumpster diving for freelance gigs,” but I was really impressed by his message.  He’s is a really cool guy with a fantastic story of moving out of the realm of dumpster diving for leads, to building a thriving freelance business.

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He says his biggest lesson from those early days of dumpster diving is that “throwing yourself at any ol’ tactic that comes along to grow your business is the best way to guarantee it doesn’t.”  

As Joshua scaled up his side gig into a full-time business, he discovered the power of a “ONE Thing, ONE Focus” mindset — spend time only on what’s going to get you home runs in your business while brutally cutting away all those "good ideas" that just take you in circles.

After mastering the art of a persuasive freelance pitch, Joshua’s scaled his business to well-beyond $100/hr and he’s cracked the “consistent revenue code” in the process.  He’ll show you how to become the Go-To Freelancer in your niche with the Trusted Expert Asset Method. Enjoy my convo with Joshua Snappy Nation!


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  • What is it about the one thing? [1:20]
  • Joshua's One Thing implementation [3:08]
  • One focus, one thing game changer [5:30]
  • The employee mindset [6:40]
  • The one thing versus very attractive distraction [8:20]
  • 40 hats with one role (emotionally compelling copy) [10:20]
  • Hats Joshua should be wearing [12:30]
  • Shattering glass balls and priority rankings [13:40]
  • Joshua's number one, two, three and four [15:50]
  • Joshua's productivity rules [17:30]
  • Is freelancing a scaleable business? [19:00]
  • The end-game [21:40]
  • Joshua's major success story [23:30]
  • The dumpster diver [26:00]
  • Joshua's freelancer story [30:00]
  • Joshua's most proud project [32:40]
  • Where to find Joshua [33:20]
  • Words of wisdom [35:00]