86 - Just Keep Swimming (with Dave Chesson)

When all else fails, just keep swimming…

My guest today, Dave Chesson is the man!  He’s an 11-year veteran who’s been a nuclear engineer, a military diplomat and even an International Arms Dealer for the US Government.  

These days he spends his time sipping tea with princesses, chasing the boogie man out of closets and running Kindlepreneur, a website devoted to teaching people advanced book marketing…not to mention being a super-cool guest on Make it Snappy!

I had the pleasure of reminiscing about my time in the nuclear Navy with Dave, but thankfully we did most of that off-air, I don’t want you glazing over Snappy Nation!  

Dave Chesson was an absolute pleasure to interview.  He says his greatest skill came from focusing on "One Thing" which was SEO.  He spent years honing the craft instead of dabbling in all of the different traffic generation tactics out there.  

"Multi-tasking is one of the greatest lies we tell ourselves" - Dave Chesson

It was from this that he developed intuition and then applied it to a new sector and he’s now both efficient and effective because he stopped trying everything and devoted himself to one thing.  I love what he’s all about, he’s passionate about growth and learning and he has a really cool platform with Kindlepreneur and, he’s completed a full-blow iron man!

I’m pleased to present to you, my conversation, complete with live musical guest performance with Dave Chesson!


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  • Show starts [2:36]
  • How many Boogie men have you chased out of your closets at home? [3:07]
  • Just keep swimming♪ [6:00]
  • How Dave started [6:40]
  • When sales starts going down [8:12]
  • How Dave came across The ONE Thing [10:00]
  • Routines and tactics [12:50]
  • Dave's Trello management [14:15]
  • What Dave does to monitor his time [16:50]
  • Annual goal reviews [18:27]
  • Contract versus team [21:11]
  • Task base versus project base [24:00]
  • The sign of a good leader [26:20]
  • What are you excited to learn about next? [27:20]
  • Growth plus experience equals intuition [29:30]
  • Intuition to tweaking the right way [32:00]
  • Family, focus and attention [34:00]
  • Were to find Dave [35:20]