87 - The Guru's are Wrong: This is Your Perfect Day (with Craig Ballantyne)

Many great concepts are born from unlikely places…

In the case of Craig Ballantyne, he started from a place of anxiety.  How does it feel to hear your alarm clock go off only to flip to your side and check your email? 

Not good.  Is this the life you want to live? Of course not.

Craig’s been helping people get after it so they can get more done, make more money and still get home on time for dinner since the 90’s.  Craig Ballantyne is a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach from Toronto and the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. 

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He has been contributing to Men's Health magazine since 2000, and in 2001, Craig created the popular home workout program, Turbulence Training.  On his journey to success, Craig had to overcome crippling anxiety attacks, and he beat them with his 5 Pillars of Transformation. Today Craig shows men and women how to use the 5 Pillars to lose 10 to 75 pounds, get a raise and make more money, find the love of their life, and overcome any obstacle in the way of success.

You can read his daily essays on success, productivity, and fitness at EarlyToRise.com.  What I really enjoyed about our conversation is how Craig exploited many of the flaws in popular thinking in the entrepreneurship space.  It definitely starts with health and fitness, but we talked little about self-care, and more about not wasting time on meaningless work.

It’s a super-interesting conversation that you’ll gain a ton of value from….I’m pleased to present to you, Snappy Nation my conversation with the man with the Perfect Day Formula, Mr. Craig Ballantyne.

"Process goals are the actions steps that get us to our outcome goals"  - Craig Ballantyne

"Process goals are the actions steps that get us to our outcome goals" -Craig Ballantyne


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  • Show starts! [2:18]
  • Fitness industry start-up [3:42]
  • What's the parallel between fitness and productivity? [4:00]
  • The One Thing for Craig [7:15]
  • Craig's morning routine [9:00]
  • Frustration in morning rituals [12:00]
  • A productive guy according to Craig [14:40]
  • Wake-up time deviation consequences [16:10]
  • Process goals to outcome goals [17:20] 
  • Why do you think process goals are more prevalent? [19:00]
  • What balance do you recommend to the listeners from your routine on the process of running businesses [21:16]
  • Aiming bulls-eye [23:20]
  • Craig's time tracking [25:00]
  • The not to do list [26:30]
  • Building fence teaching [28:30]
  • 2007 anxiety experience [30:45]
  • Decluttering your life [34:00]
  • Where to find Craig [35:00]