88 - ALL the One Things! (Panel w/ Steve Cunningham & Joe Girard)

You can’t expect to just work 10x harder and get 10x the results…

Life and business just don’t work that way and my guests on my “All the One Things” Panel, Steve Cunningham and Joe Girard confirm this concept in a big way.

I don’t think I could have hand-picked a better ONE Thing expert panel than we put together for you in this episode.  These guys are two of the most enthusiastic ONE Thing enthusiasts I’ve ever met.  

Steve is the founder of ReadItFor.Me , an amazing service that takes best-selling business and personal development books, summarizes key points and delivers them to you using engaging videos, workbooks and other tools and the videos in a really cool, fun way.  

I visited ReadItFor.Me and guess which book I found on the home page?  

You guessed it! The ONE Thing

So if you have not yet taken the time to read Keller and Papasan’s book, go to ReadItFor.Me  and watch the 10 minute summary, it’s brilliant!  

Steve’s also a keynote speaker and wealth of knowledge and I’m feeling blessed to have him on the show.  Check out the links below or click here  for special lifetime membership for over 80% off, just for being a listener of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.

We’ve also brought on Sales Hero and mentor, Joe Girard.  Joe’s an authority on empowering people to sell more and have fun without being weird…pretty important when it comes to sales.

He has an electric personality - you can really feel the passion in his voice and Joe’s nuts about the ONE Thing…and I can testify on his behalf…I didn’t feel weird at all, not in the least bit and I don’t think Steve did either so Joe knows his stuff man!  

You can find Joe on Sales Hero podcast and go to SalesHeroAcademy.com where he’s giving us 50% off if you use the code SNAPPY50 

Two amazing deals from two incredible guys, so definitely take advantage of both deals.  

Now it’s time to sit back, relax or take notes, whatever you want as we go through ALL the ONE Things…


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  • Panel Begins [5:24]
  • How systems and processes help Joe [8:20]
  • Successful people according to Steve based on the One Thing [10:02]
  • Break-down/simplifying advise from Joe [11:37]
  • How does the one thing change Steve's life? [15:14]
  • Staying afloat, paying bills [18:32]
  • Fallacy of being busy [21:28]
  • "I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s “The 10x Rule," and he talks about how you have to take massive action on your goals, think 10x bigger, and work 10x harder/do 10x as many things and say “yes” to everything.  I feel like this contradicts the idea of The ONE Thing, which is about focusing your efforts on the most important things, do you think that these two ideas can work together? Can I apply both philosophies and if so, what would that look like?" (Question from Brittany) [24:40]
  • The difference between working hard and working smart [27:20]
  • What ever you are doing, go into it! [31:27]
  • Working on bigger goals [34:32]
  • How sales is like dating [36:25]
  • Clear mind, create your day [38:19]
  • The morning ritual [40:43]
  • Knocking out projects [43:09]
  • "What do you find the hardest about the ONE Thing? Is it almost like the simplicity of it, like we try to make it two things, or three things, or more? Is the minimalist-type simplistic approach of the ONE thing one of the more difficult concepts to grasp in our modern day." (Question from Brian) [45:00]
  • Instinct gratification and delaying gratification [48:16]
  • Where to find Steve [50:20]
  • Where to find Joe [51:08]
  • Words of wisdom [52:00]