89 - Optimizing Your ONE Thing (with Jay Papasan)

If you don’t know Jay Papasan, author of the Wallstreet Journal’s Best Selling book, The One Thing...

...you either haven’t been listening to this show or you’re not all that keen on reading phenomenal books on business!

Either way, author, executive, corporate speaker, Jay Papasan is not only a best-selling author, he serves as vice president and executive editor at Keller Williams Realty International, the worlds largest real estate company and he’s the vice president of KellerINK, co-owner of Keller Capital and co-owner with his wife Wendy of Papasan Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas.

All I can say is what a great guy!  Jay and I covered everything ONE thing, but not only in business, like you would expect, but we took it to home life, to marriage, to France, and we even managed to answer a few burning questions you sent me as Make it Snappy listeners.

The thing I enjoyed most about this interview is how the conversation flowed into almost every aspect of life, which truly showcases the power of The ONE Thing concept.  

"When we fail to talk about the things that we disagree about, is when we have emotional and damaging fights around stupid things"   -Jay Papasan

"When we fail to talk about the things that we disagree about, is when we have emotional and damaging fights around stupid things" -Jay Papasan

"If you are not sure of the destination, can you at least pick a direction?"   -Jay Papasan

"If you are not sure of the destination, can you at least pick a direction?" -Jay Papasan

We took a full hour, but it was jam-packed with some truly once-in-a-lifetime content.  Make sure you check out The ONE Thing site online , and give the team your support.  All this being said, I’m so incredibly pleased to present to you my conversation with Jay Papasan.


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  • Show Starts [5:00]
  • What else are you excited about right now? [6:27]
  • What is your favorite story about living in France? [9:00]
  • How did you learn french in the first place? [11:46]
  • Polyglotism principle [14:50]
  • How Jay re-examine their five year plan with wife [15:50]
  • How goal setting started for Jay and who brought it up [18:32]
  • Goal setting evolution as of now! [20:50]
  • What concept did Jay borrowed from Gary? [23:20]
  • Have you always been entrepreneurial? [25:55]
  • What goes on in Jay's marriage life and how does he handle it? [27:00]
  • Failure in communication consequences [29:40]
  • "What if you were to pick the wrong ONE Thing, how long should it you take you to realize you picked the wrong one thing and retreat or try something else, or should you never give up once you think something is your one thing?" (Question from Brittany) [32:20]
  • Commitments [34:40]
  • "I know in the past I’ve had at least one person who’s a mentor, cheerleader, supporter-type, but what if I don’t have ONE person now? Is that going to mess me up and make me less productive or successful, and if I can’t identify someone right now, is there another strategy that could be used as a substitute?" (Question from Debbie) [38:25]
  • Successful people according to Jay [40:00]
  • "What happens when you can’t define what the ONE thing should be? When you can’t identify the direction?" (Question from Joe) [42:40]
  • Direction elimination [43:45]
  • Finding purpose [45:00]
  • "Why do people settle when innovation is ALWAYS an option?" Question by Jeff [44:40]
  • Jay's biggest default and how he improved it [49:00]
  • Words of wisdom from [53:10]
  • The "power of one" to "the one thing" [55:00]
  • Where to find Jay [56:45]