90 - Fine, I'll Talk About Tools & Apps (with Nazach Snapp)

It’s not about the tools, it’s about the process…

I’ve never been the guy to go on-air and talk all about tools and tech and geek-out about all the gadgets that can help make you more productive because for me, it’s not about the tool, but the process.  Yet, when you’re in this space it comes with the territory so I had to own it!  

More and more people kept asking me what tools I recommend, what do I use for this and that, until I finally caved in!

So here you go…give the people what they want! 

If you go to the “Selected Links from the Episode” section below you’ll find a list of all my favorites and Nazach’s as well (the few that she does use).

If you don’t find what you’re looking for don’t worry! We’re giving you an ENTIRE month of tools for your geeking-out pleasure this month, so keep listening.  Any questions you can always send me an email  and ask, or join my P.O.P. Facebook group and interact with all the members there and I’m sure you’ll get more than you bargained for! 

Enjoy this lively discussion with my wife, Nazach on useful productivity tools.

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Honorable mentions:




  • Show Starts [1:30] 
  • Office space unproductivity [3:50]
  • Nick's one app [7:50]
  • Collaborating [10:00]
  • Nick's one app ( productivity perspective) [12:20]
  • App for photos [15:00]
  • Nick's time blocking app [16:30]
  • Book reading [19:00]
  • Zoom or skype? [21:30]
  • Doodle vs calendly [26:20]
  • Nick's story with slack [28:50]
  • The Real Accountable [31:30]
  • Nazach's app [34:20]
  • Keeping it simple [36:00]
  • The Honorable mentions [38:00]
  • The brain food [40:00]
  • Tracking the amount of time to learn the app [43:00]
  • Automation [44:45]
  • Learning an app before jumping to another [46:00]