91 - Tools for Making Every Minute Count (with Brittany Joiner)

Is it really possible to make all 1,440 minutes in your day count?

Well, it depends on how you look at it.  At the end of your 1,440 day, it’s all about being intentional with your time.

My guest, Productivity Scientist (love that) Brittany Joiner gives us the insight and the tools she uses to make the most of her minutes. She believes life is too short and there’s way too much awesome stuff to do. 

Brittany is the founder of Project 1440.co, a business that helps people use their time to the best of their ability with a goal of helping one million people figure out what they’re meant to do and then make it happen.  By day, she’s a Marketing Analyst for Causely and when she’s not working or studying about productivity, you can find her doing Crossfit or watching Parks & Recreation.

I have been communicating online for a little while now, in fact she’s super-active in my Productive on Purpose (P.O.P.) Facebook group as well. The thing I like about Brittany is her practical application of productivity concepts to her day-to-day life.  She gives some nice insight into leveraging productivity tools and applying them to the various awesome things we need to accomplish in life. She has a ton of positive, contagious energy and she’s a fantastic tool geek!  

Big thanks to Brittany for being an awesome guest on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.


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SHOw Notes

  • Show starts [3:46]
  • Are we better or worse with productivity tools? [5:25]
  • Playing your "A" game [7:40]
  • Making every minute count, making the most of your life [8:30]
  • Planning & intentionality [11:50]
  • How does a productivity enthusiast avoid the pitfall of productivity tools? [14:40]
  • A reasonable amount of time to learn the tool [18:00]
  • Underrated Google Sheets and how Brittany uses them [20:20]
  • Tell us about a time when you were 100% hyper-productive and in the “flow” while using a productivity tool [25:50]
  • How can people get into the flow when they are using tools? [28:50]
  • Brit's process when brainstorming [30:50]
  • Why Brittany chose Trello instead of Asana [33:00]
  • Brittany's morning routine [36:00]
  • How Brittany handles her to-do list [39:00]
  • What’s your favorite example of how you’ve helped people add value at Project 1440? [42:40]
  • Where to find Brittany [45:20]
  • Words of wisdom [46:30]