92 - "In Your Face" Productivity Tools (with Amber de la Garza)

It’s about spending your best time on your best activities…

Productivity Specialist, Amber de la Garza hit the nail on the head with her definition of productivity!  She covers the most important two elements for working productively: the right energy and the right things.  You’re in for a seriously high quality conversation that could have went on for another two hours!  Amber and I are very much aligned with all things productivity so it was a pleasure geeking out with her on the podcast.

Amber works with professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations to help build businesses with better systems, organization and efficiency through training, consulting and speaking. You’ll find some great blog articles from Amber at TheProductivitySpecialist.com where she dives deep into efficiency and time management concepts.  Further, she’ll be launching her own podcast in the not too distant future so you’ll have another source of great content!

"Productivity is a choice you make everyday and, are you making that choice?"   -Amber De La Garza

"Productivity is a choice you make everyday and, are you making that choice?" -Amber De La Garza

Lastly, we made sure to cover a nice amount of tools and apps speak so you’ll get the scoop on the tech to help you get productive on purpose. 


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  • Show Starts [3:40]
  • The Productivity Specialist [5:36]
  • “Business Efficiency Consultant” [7:00]
  • Best time, best activities [9:25]
  • Tell us about a time where lack of productivity hindered your goals and how were you able to overcome it?  [11:41] 
  • How Amber ended up at Keller Williams [13:00]
  • Amber's story of not being productive [16:00]
  • Getting clarity with your business [20:00]
  • The first question for Amber... [22:47]
  • Go on a diet, clear the clutter [25:00]
  • Amber's apps [28:00]
  • Time Blocking tools [33:00]
  • Reclaiming your time [36:16]
  • Shut that stuff off! [38:40]
  • The 5 Daily Planning Pavers [39:00]
  • Using calendars [42:36]
  • Prioritizing [44:21]
  • Where to find Amber [46:00]
  • Do you have an ideal client? [47:00]
  • Words of wisdom [48:20]