93 - Productivity Tools & Hacks for Side Hustlers (with Shawn Razek)

There’s only so much time in the day when you’re side hustling…

So leverage every moment using tools that actually help you, rather than distract you from what needs to get done.  My guest today, Shawn Razek, is an electrical engineer, aspiring entrepreneur and productivity hacker who’ll show you a thing or two about productivity tools.

After graduating from college with an Electrical Engineering degree, he went off to work for Corporate America. Though he liked his job and he was good at it, he didn't feeling like he was helping anyone.

Consequently, Shawn decided to move to San Francisco and join a face-paced start-up working at a Neuroscience company focused on helping people with their motor skills (i.e. stroke rehabilitation). 

Growing up, Shawn’s always been well aware of the limited amount of time we have in a day. There's only so much sunlight in the day to play with friends, limited time to run after class, and now only so much time to do life done when working a full-time job. 

Over his short career he has been able to successfully prioritize his time between a full time start-up job, his own start-up himself, traveling to China every six weeks, and keeping a successful relationship with his girlfriend.

Shawn, along with his co-founder Jordan created Vista List to help people better manage their time, get more done and spend more time doing the things they love. 

Shawn’s long-term vision is to be an entrepreneur create his own products that help people while simultaneously at providing them with jobs and careers.  

I enjoyed Shawn and I’s conversation because he painted such a clear picture of what real life looks like for a young side hustler working hard to put his own value out into the world.  He gives us a ton of insight and I’m excited for you to listen!


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  • Show Starts [3:36]
  • What’s the best piece of productivity advice you’ve ever received and what did you do with it? [5:46]
  • Why Shawn loves (but is scared) of his parents [8:30]
  • A day-in-the-life of Shawn Razek and the tools he leverages [10:15]
  • Reading before bed [12:18]
  • Apps Shawn uses [15:00]
  • Shawn and Gmail [16:15]
  • Tell us your story about starting your business [19:41]
  • How Shawn created Vista List [23:00]
  • How do you find time for your side hustle? [26:45]
  • What motivates Shawn? [29:00]
  • An agreement between Shawn and his girlfriend [31:37]
  • What’s your greatest strength? [36:00]
  • Fun distractions role playing [38:18]
  • The best thing about Vista List [41:50]
  • Where to find Shawn [44:50]
  • Words of wisdom [46:00]