94 - Let Them Tell You How to Do it (with Geoff Woods)

What are you struggling with the most?  

If there’s something you just can’t figure out rest assured there’s people out there who can.  My guest today showed me an easy, tangible approach to not only finding these people efficiently, but also to develop a relationship with them.

His name is Geoff Woods, and he’s a super-efficient guy who’s massively adept at focusing on his ONE Thing…he’s a true walker of the talk.  Here’s the thing though, every time I talk with Geoff I come out with some true nuggets of wisdom. So who is Geoff Woods? 

He’s the Vice President of KellerINK of Keller Williams Realty (which is the largest real estate franchise in the world). For KellerINC, Geoff’s in charge of creating and scaling a publishing company that helps authors tap into revenue streams previously ignored by traditional publishers.  

He’s also the founder of The Mentee podcast, an innovative show that documents his journey From employee to entrepreneur, and the mentors who have guided him along the way.

This is one of my most memorable interviews because we touch not only our theme of the month, “productivity tools” (and why they’re not that important to Geoff) but he also coaches me on-air, impromptu, which was a really cool experience. 

Let us know what you’re biggest takeaway was from our conversation by leaving a comment below...


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  • Show starts [4:00]
  • The most productive advice you’ve ever been given. [7:34]
  • Geoff's presentation to Gary Keller and Jay Papasan [9:00]
  • An unwillingness to think big [10:40]
  • The Jim Rohn's quote and what Geoff did with it [12:30]
  • How Jay became Geoff's mentor [13:30]
  • Geoff's validation process [16:35]
  • How do you find mentors? [18:40]
  • How Geoff become a writer [23:00]
  • What struggles did you face getting your family on board with your entrepreneurial journey? How did you overcome them? [26:00]
  • Accountability in everything [29:00]
  • The shiny object tool [31:00]
  • Geoff's process for knowing when to pivot or persevere? [34:20]
  • Pick one! [37:40]
  • Personal life/business [39:00]
  • Self-accountability [39:40]
  • Geoff's number one mistake [44:00]
  • Where to find Geoff online [45:20]
  • Words of wisdom [46:40]