96 - Home Productivity (Christmas Bonus #2: Celebrating One Year)

It’s the ONE YEAR Anniversary of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show…

We’re giving you TWO bonus episodes this Christmas Day as our gift to you in celebration.  This one’s number 2 of 2 and again from back in the Blab.im days.

This is a really fun episode because we bring it back to home productivity.

Learning how to “batch” will improve your efficiency tenfold.  I didn’t believe it at first, then I started tracking my time, in somewhat painstaking detail.  

It's been an ongoing experiment on my personal productivity and the results are huge!  The cool part is that batching isn’t limited to business…you can apply these concepts to your home life as well. 

Merry Christmas Snappy Nation, it’s my pleasure to deliver these gifts to you in celebration of one year this Christmas day; enjoy this presentation on batching home tasks...


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  • Show starts [1:00]
  • What is batching (illustration)? [2:00]
  • Brad go get a real life [4:55]
  • Batching task to home tasks [6:30]
  • Apps for batching [8:00]
  • Handling errands [9:30]
  • Bills automation [11:00]
  • Snail mail batching [13:00]
  • Meal prepping [15:00]
  • Batching television [16:30]
  • The reasons for batching [18:30]