97 - Doing, Not Just Talking (with Debbie Williams & Jeff Page)

Accountability is the most productive productivity tool…

Of all gadgets you have in your arsenal of productivity tools, you’ll learn why you need to leverage accountability to get things done effectively.  Our guests today on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show are Debbie Williams and Jeff Page, otherwise known in certain circles as Team “Doing, Not Just Talking." 

If you’ve been listening for a while you may remember Mr. Jeff “Hectic-Dad” Page from Episode #31 where you heard him fascinate us all with his systems and tactics for running a household with eight kids in the house.

You may also remember my good friend Debbie Williams from our #50 P.O.P. celebration episode when we spotlighted some of our awesome P.O.P. Facebook community members and the cool things they’ve been up to.

So here’s a little more on team Doing, Not Just Talking.

Jeff is an online entrepreneur and father of 8, who’s best known on the Internet as Hectic Dad, founder of HecticDad.com, which has been growing and expanding since 2013 and his latest, HecticMeals.com

Through HecticMeals.com, Jeff’s currently rolling out“Hectic Meals Home Cooking,” meal plans aimed at people who are so busy they’re lucky to eat, let alone cook something.  Jeff’s home base is in the middle of Kansas where he’s turned former horse pasture grounds into what he and his family affectionately call the “Hectic Manor.” 

Jeff joins us today with Debbie Williams, certified money coach and CPA.  Debbie has a background in accounting, tax and general consulting for small businesses and individuals.  Deb is also the host and founder of the Financial Karma podcast and Facebook group.  

Financial Karma is a really great podcast to assist you with your money mindset.  I’m grateful to have been one of her first guests when she launched this past summer. Debbie lives just outside of the DC area. 

Deb and Jeff on the show today is because not only are they fellow-Poppers from the P.O.P., they’re also founding members of my Real Accountable (RA) beta test group.  In RA, they’ve gone so above and beyond that they’ve earned the right to dedicate an entire episode to their entire story here on Make it Snappy.

In our conversation we stay true to our topic-of-the-month and go through a few of the productivity tools they consistently make use of, but more importantly we discuss what it takes to be and leverage effective accountability.  

I’m so incredibly pleased to present this episode to you with Debbie “Financial Karma” Williams and Jeff “Hectic-Dad” Page…enjoy.


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  • Show starts [5:00]
  • What are your thoughts about tools and productivity? [6:20]
  • Jeff's tool and apps [8:25]
  • Real Accountable recap [11:00]
  • What were some of the triggers to get you to hyperproductivity? [13:30]
  • Jeff "Hectic Dad" Page [18:00]
  • Checking in with accountability partners [20:00]
  • Deb's batching [22:22]
  • How have you leveraged each others strengths? [25:40]
  • What Debbie discovered being in the group [28:00]
  • Two-level trust for effective accountability [32:00]
  • In what area do you want to grow the most in 2017? [35:00]
  • What is Jeff excited about? [40:00]
  • What do you want to learn in 2017? Why? [41:00]
  • Where would you like to see Real Accountable go for the next BETA group? [42:50]
  • Tell us about your business and the #1 thing you’re looking for? [45:00]
  • Where to find Debbie and Jeff [46:00]
  • Words of wisdom [49:00]