99 - Tool Geeks Talking Productivity Tools (w/ Michael Potter, Anna Cragin & Clem Harrod)

The force is strong amongst the tool geeks...

I joined forces with the productivity geeks today, myself included mind you, to answer your questions about productivity tools & apps.  It was such a great discussion as to how to get the right things done more efficiently and leverage tools to get you there.

First on our panel is Anna Cragin.  Anna’s a fellow-productivity enthusiast who believes efficient use of time is everything to an entrepreneur.  As the founder of freeficiency.com, Anna works with online entrepreneurs to take back their freedom by installing time management systems that eliminate to-do-list overwhelm and increase productivity in business.  

She has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and she applies brain & behavior research to design ways to leverage our brains in everything we do to reach our goals.  Anna and I have been working together for several weeks these days and it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know how she applies her background to the productivity space.

Next up is Michael Potter, gifted musician, tech nerd and support professional with a mission to help people improve their lives with technology.  Inspired by the John Cougar Mellencamp song, he’s also the founder of smallTOWNtech.net, providing personal and business solutions for an affordable price in celebration of the "small town life" and the values therein.

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Finally, we couldn’t have a panel without our resident philosopher, curator, and now co-host of The Production Channel podcast, Dr. Clem “Let it Flow” Harrod. Unlike Anna, Clem earned his HONORARY PhD from the same school of hard knocks that Dr. Dre went to in the early 90’s…

He also established himself as a talented sports videographer for 15 seasons with the Orlando Magic and has since founded CLEMCO.av, where he works with many well-known companies and clients as a widescreen projectionist.  

I’m very pleased to present to you, in conclusion to our productivity tools theme for the month of December, The Tools Panel with Anna Cragin, Michael Potter and Clem Harrod.


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  • Show Starts [00:14]
  • Why does Michael dig productivity tools? [2:04]
  • What's snappening with Anna, Michael and Clem [5:00]
  • "What’s the best tool for time management?" (question from LaKeithra) [7:40]
  • Making a list [10:00]
  • "What’s a good productivity tool to hold yourself accountable to yourself?" (Question from Joshua) [12:30]
  • Distractions [16:00]
  • "I’m wondering what’s the best tool I can use to record when I speak to a client, and then setup an automatic reminder for me to follow-up with that client after a certain time period has passed to check-in again, let’s say about three months.  And on the flip side of that, if I happen to talk to that client again, within that three-month time period and record a new entry, it’ll pull the previous reminder, and set it out three months before the new date that I recorded." (Question from Katie) [19:00]
  • "Now there’s lots of tools out there that you can download that you can buy that you can subscribe to, but my question is what tools do you use to keep track of all the tools? Hopefully you can give me an idea of how to manage everything in one shot "if there is an option"." (Question from Joe) [21:30]
  • Evernote and bullet journal [24:00]
  • 'I’m a techy and I believe in automating as much things as possible so in the vain of productivity, what are your thought on using productivity tools like IFTTT or Zapier to Superpower your tools?" (Question from Travis) [27:00]
  • "Who else is using Trello and GTD? How?" (Question from Rijon) [32:00]
  • Get things done an enjoy life [34:40]
  • Weekly review and getting things done connection [37:20]
  • "What’s the best tool to record Skype calls on PC?" (Question from Karen) [38:00]
  • Final words of wisdom and where to find the panel [40:39]