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123 - Check-in: What's Snappening w/The Messengers?

What’s Snappening Snappy Nation?

Just a quick check-in while on hiatus to let you know I miss ya...

ALSO Listen on...


  • Check-in productivity tip! [0:50]
  • The Quote [1:47]
  • The Challenge [2:41]
  • The [3:25]
  • The Messengers Podcast going live! [5:00]
  • The Messengers Podcast zero marketing [6:15]
  • Claire Diaz' message [8:15]
  • Who is the co-host? [10:00]






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122 - The Gauntlet Throwing Hiatus - Is This the End? (Feat. Ralph & Carol Lynn Rivera)

122 - The Gauntlet Throwing Hiatus - Is This the End? (Feat. Ralph & Carol Lynn Rivera)

Is this the end of Make it Snappy?

I’ve been podcasting for over 18 months and this episode unpacks my lessons learned from the tremendous experience. We’re taking 90 days off to regroup and comeback stronger than ever, so what will this look like for The Make it Snappy Productivity Show?  Listen to find out...

117 - Practical Tips on Showing Up 100% (with Josh Cheetham)

117 - Practical Tips on Showing Up 100% (with Josh Cheetham)

What does it take to show up 100% in all areas of your life?

It first takes a mindset shift.  Then, it takes a good look in the mirror.  My guest today, Josh Cheetham will give us some really cool insight on how to show up 100% in everything you do by learning how to be your true self.

115 - How to Save an Unproductive Content Creator (w/Brian Musial)

115 - How to Save an Unproductive Content Creator (w/Brian Musial)

Do you create content? Any kind of content at all?

So today is a really cool episode…you know how I’ve been talking about how much time the podcast has been taking since I changed to this new format? Well, if you create content of any kind, and you really want get the most out of all your hard work then storyboarding is your answer. My guest today is Brian Musial of the Health Geeks podcast, he’s not only a health expert but a true renaissance man, a jack of all trades who’s mastered the art of storytelling through video and now, he’s helping people tell better stories whether they’re blogging, podcasting, posting on social media or writing a landing page…Brian will get you where you need to go.

109 - Beauty in the Beta Test

109 - Beauty in the Beta Test

Have you ever had one of those weeks? The launch of the second beta test group for my Real Accountable platform was filled with dramatic missteps. Yet, we made it! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and there is plenty to learn from here.

If you dig productivity and you want some real hacks on how to launch a startup, you’ll learn quickly from my mistakes this week!