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21 - How to Find Your Hidden Money (with Charlie Strange)

21 - How to Find Your Hidden Money (with Charlie Strange)

You have it, yes you do!  Want to find YOUR hidden money?  Process improvement and Lean/Six Sigma expert Charlie Strange is the man to help you figure out where to find it!

All month we’ve been talking about tracking time and measuring performance and I’m pleased to present to you an interesting perspective on what to do about it.

For a Six Sigma geek, Charlie Strange has an incredibly diverse background, from acting to philosophy, to video game creation and now, process improvement.  Charlie's the guy who breaks down this performance thing in a REALLY simple way, and brings it all back to ROI.  

He calls it “HIDDEN MONEY,” which is also the title of his new book.

If you’re in business, you may be find some hidden money of your own, just by simply listening to this episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.